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IRI Salutes all Previous Award Recipients

IRI Medal

The IRI Medal, established in 1946, recognizes and honors leaders of technology for their outstanding accomplishments in technological innovation which contribute broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society. This award is traditionally presented at the IRI Annual Meeting held each spring.


One side of the medal depicts the scientist in a never-ending quest for knowledge. Imagination and mental activity are symbolized by Pegasus. The practical results of harnessing national forces to meet the needs of mankind are represented in the clouds issuing from the retort. The reverse side of the medal is an adaptation of the official seal of the Industrial Research Institute.


2013 marks the 68th and 69th presentations of this Medal

Willis Rodney Whitney (1946)
Charles Allen Thomas (1947)
Garnes Slayter (1948)
Vannevar Bush (1949)
Frank Baldwin Jewett (1950)
Randolph Thomas Major (1951)
Roy Chester Newton (1952)
Eger Vaughan Murphree (1953)
Mervin Joe Kelly ( 1954)
Ernest Henry Volwiler (1955)
Victor Conquest (1956)
Clifford Fred Rassweiler (1957)
Elmer William Engstrom (1958)
Frank Koch Schoenfeld (1959)
Augustus Braun Kinzel (1960)
Max Tishler (1961)
Chauncey Guy Suits (1962)
James Brown Fisk (1963)
Ray Harold Boundy (1964)
Edwin Herbert Land (1965)
Paul Lawrence Salzberg (1966)
Emanual Ruben Piore (1967)
John Hans Dessauer (1968)
Patrick Eugene Haggerty (1969)
William Oliver Baker (1970)
Henri Busignies (1971)
Peter Carl Goldmark (1972)
William Earl Shoupp (1973)
Robert William Cairns (1974)
James Hillier (1975)
Hendrik B.G. Casimir (1976)
John J. Burns (1977)
Malcolm E. Pruitt (1978)
Arthur M. Bueche (1979)
Lewis H. Sarett (1981)
Wm. Houston Armistead (1981)
N. Bruce Hannay (1982)
Edward E. David Jr. (1983)
Harry W. Coover (1984)
Ralph E. Gomory (1985)
George E. Pake (1986)
Ian M. Ross (1987)
Abraham B. Cohen (1988)
Roland W. Schmitt (1989)
Edward M. Scolnick (1990)
Mary L. Good (1991)
John S. Mayo (1992)
George H. Heilmeier (1993)
Walter L. Robb (1994)
John J. Wise (1995)
Robert A. Frosch (1996)
Donald E. Elson (1997)
Arno A. Penzias (1998)
John Seely Brown (1999)
Gordon F. Brunner (2000)
Phillip Needleman (2001)
Charles W. Deneka (2002)
Lewis S. Edelheit (2003)
John W. Miley (2004)
Paul M. Horn (2005)
David O. Swain (2006)
Nabil Y. Sakkab (2007)
Ralph Snyderman (2008)
Norman R. Augustine (2009)
Nicholas M. Donofrio (2010)
Uma Chowdhry (2011)
F. Emil Jacobs (2102)
Robert S. Langer (2013)
George M. Whitesides (2103)


IRI Achievement Award

The IRI Achievement Award, established in 1973, is given to honor outstanding accomplishment in individual creativity and innovation that contribute broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society. The award is presented at the IRI Annual Meeting.


Tangible recognition of the award is an original work of art symbolizing the creative nature of scientific achievement. The bronze sculpture expresses the flight of imagination in achieving technological innovation. The artist, John Blair, is a renowned sculptor whose work has been exhibited in galleries in New York City and San Francisco. His work is on permanent display at the Cavalier Gallery in Stamford, Connecticut.


2012 was the 39th presentation of the Achievement Award.

William F. Gresham (1974)
William G. Pfann (1975)
Maurice R. Hilleman (1976)
LeGrand Van Uitert (1977)
Robert H. Wentoff, Jr. (1978)
Frank B. Colton (1979)
Stanley D. Stookey (1980)
Andrew H. Bobeck (1981)
Robert N. Noyce (1982)
Herbert W. Boyer (1983)
John W. Backus (1984)
Allan S. Hay (1985)
John E. Franz (1986)
Robert D. Maurer (1987)
Howard G. Rogers (1988)
Alfred Yi Cho (1989)
Robert H. Dennard (1990)
Leonard S. Cutler (1991)
Victor Mills (1992)
Richard H. Frenkiel (1993)
Marvin M. Johnson (1994)
Marinus Los (1995)
Andrzej J. Pawlak (1996)
Stephanie L. Kwolek (1997)
Simon F. Campbell (1998)
James E. West (1999)
Harry W. Coover (2000)
C. Don Bateman (2001)
George H. Beall (2002)
Madan M. Bhasin (2003)
Edith M. Flanigan (2004)
Dennis M. Richie ( 2005)
Paul D. Trokhan ( 2006)
Rakesh Agrawal (2007)
Dean L. Kamen (2008)
Ashok J. Joshi (2009)
Linden Blue (2010)
Richard Hayes (2011)
John J. Curro (2012)


Maurice Holland Award

The Maurice Holland Award was established in 1982 in honor of IRI’s founder, Maurice Holland. The award recognizes the best paper published in Research-Technology Management in the previous year that meets the criteria of significance to the field of R&D, technology, and innovation management; originality of new management concepts; and excellence in clarity of presentation. The award is traditionally presented at the IRI Member Summit.

Congratulations to the 2013 Holland Award Winners Peter Toft, Bill Crandall and Paul Henderson for their paper "Do You Need a New Product-Development Strategy? Aligning Process with Context," from the Jan-Feb 2012 issue of Research-Technology Management.

The award is a bronze replica of a World War I "Jenny," symbolizing the spirit and dynamism of Maurice Holland, a former pilot who flew a "Jenny" during the war.


2012 was the thirtieth presentation of the award.

D. Bruce Merrifield (1982)
Warren R. Stumpe (1983)
George E. Manners, Jr., Joseph A. Steger, Thomas W. Zimmerer (1984)
Robert A. Frosch (1985)
Richard N. Foster, Alan M. Kantrow, Lawrence H. Linden, Roger L. Whiteley (1986)
Harry W. Coover (1987)
Roland W. Schmitt (1988)
Lester C. Krogh, Julianne H. Prager, David P. Sorensen, John D. Tomlinson (1989)
Albert C. Perrino, James W. Tipping (1990)
Robert G. Cooper (1991)
Walter L. Robb (1992)
Graham R. Mitchell (1993)
C. K. Prahalad (1994)
Robert G. Cooper (1995)
Mark R. Gallon and Harold M. Stillman (1996)
Deb Chatterji (1997)
Sheldon A. Buckler (1998)
John Seely Brown (1999)
William C. Herbein, Robert C. Morris,
and Gregory R. Smith (2000)
Ian C. MacMillan and Rita Gunther McGrath (2001)
Marc H. Meyer and Paul C. Mugge (2002)
Robin A. Karol, Ross C. Loeser, and Richard H. Tait (2003)
Jeffrey T. Glass, Ingrid M. Ensing, and Gerardine DeSanctis (2004)
Jay Paap and Ralph Katz (2005)
Miles P. Drake, Nabil Y. Sakkab, and Ronald Jonash (2007)
Raymond R. Cosner, E. Jefferson Hynds, Alan R. Fusfeld, Carl V. Loweth, Charles Scouten, and Richard Albright (2008)
Paul B. Germeraad and Ronald P. Taylor (2009)
Seongkeun Jang, Yongki Yoon, Inseong Lee, and Jinwoo Kim (2010)
William Banholzer (2011)
Bilal Kaafarani and Jane Edison Stevenson (2012)

IRI Industry Awards

  • Nominations accepted anytime
  • Awards are presented each May during IRI's Annual Meeting
  • IRI members and non-members encouraged to nominate
2013 IRI Medalists

Dr. Robert Langer, 2013 IRI Medalist

Dr. George Whitesides, 2013 IRI Medalist

2012 Maurice Holland Awardee

2012 IRI Achievement Awardee
2012 IRI Achievement Awardee