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The Emeriti Activity Group (EAG)

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The Emeriti Activity Group (EAG) is a highly energized group of senior technology executives whose talents, abilities, and experience provide special support to the Institute in its many programs and initiatives.




Presentations from the August 28, 2014 EAG Meeting

A Vision for K-12 Science Education, by Brett Moulding

Delaware STEM


South Carolina STEM

STEM Education Reform: What is it? by Randy Guschl


What can you expect to do as part of EAG?

  • Use online collaboration tools to develop recommendations and best practices for IRI member organizations, universities and regional and national policy. Current Wiki topic is Promoting Innovation.
  • Put your skills and expertise to work to assist in IRI projects
    • EAG assisted IRI with the Industry Defined Fundamental Research program (IRI-NSF Grant Project), conducting vital research to identify issues and challenges U.S.-based member companies face in which targeted, academic research might identify possible solutions.
    • EAG helped develop a sustainable growth model for IRI using value innovation methodology pioneered by ROR Working Groups.
  • Build relationships.  EAG members are fully occupied in second or third careers such as consultants, university professors or deans, principals of start-ups or venture capitalists.
  • Join committees. Do you have a passion for the journal Research-Technology Management? Interested in using your talents to increase membership?  IRI committees welcome your enthusiasm and knowledge.


Why join EAG?

This group gives you an opportunity to stay active in the networking and learning activities of  IRI, and provide valuable assistance to the organization based on your skills and experience.

Keep current on what's happening in the R&D community and enjoy many membership benefits such as full access to IRI's website including membership database and journal; discount conference registration fees; access to IRI LinkedIn and Twitter groups; and many opportunities to propose new initiatives and participate on new projects and committees.


Contact Ludita Vallarta for more information and for EAG membership criteria.


Robert Wikman, Chair Rich Chapas and Robert Wikman
Robin Karol, Vice Chair
Virginia Brandt, Board Liaison
EAG Membership Roster

2014 IRI Medalist

2014 IRI Medalist Dr. Joseph DeSimone

(left to right) Dr. Ryan Dirks, IRI Chair 2012-2013, Dr. Joseph DeSimone, 2014 IRI Medalist, and Dr. Martha Collins, IRI Chair 2013-2014


2013 Maurice Holland Award

2013 Maurice Holland Awardees

(left to right) James Eucher, RTM Editor-in-Chief; Peter Toft, H-P; Bill Crandall, Clarify LLC; Paul Henderson, Clarify LLC; Martha Collins, IRI Chair  


2012 IRI Achievement Award

2012 IRI Achievement Awardee

(left to right) Dr. Ryan Dirkx, IRI Chairman 2012-13; Dr. John Curro, P&G; Dr. Bruce Brown, Chief Technology Officer, P&G

Did you know....

you can update your Member Profile on the IRI Website?  Add additional information and keep your record current for enhanced networking opportunities.  The IRI experience is all about building relationships with like minded individuals within the R&D community.  Make sure they can find you!

Log on to the IRI website with your username and password. Go to Membership→My Account→Profile.