Name Description 
 Accelerating Implementation: Beyond State Gate Community for the Accelerating Implementation: Beyond State Gate ROR Working Group
 Accessing Internal Knowledge Community for the Accessing Internal Knowledge ROR Working Group
 Awards Community A Community for the Awards Committee
 Balancing Portfolios Community for the Balancing Portfolios Proposed ROR Working Group
 Board of Directors Board of Directors
 Board Task Force Board Task Force - Membership
 Collaboration Continuum Working Group Collaboration Continuum Community
 Early ID of Disruptive Technologies Community for the Early ID of Disruptive Technologies ROR Working Group
Federal Laboratory Activity Group (FLAG) Community for the Federal Laboratory Activity Group
Futures Projects Community for the Futures Projects
 Global Innovation Networks Community for the Global Innovation Networks ROR Working Group
IRI Opportunity Cartography Community for the IRI Opportunity Cartography ROR Working Group
 ISIT Network Community A Community for the ISIT Network Members
 Membership Committee Community for Membership Committee
 Program Committee Program Committee 
 ROR Winter Meeting Research-on-Research Winter Meeting Community
 ROR Leadership ROR Leadership
 Social Networking in Business Today Community for the Social Networking in Business Today ROR Working Group
 Sustainability Maturity Model Community for the Sustainability Maturity Model 1 ROR Working Group
 Virtual Teams Community for the Virtual Teams ROR Working Group
Voice of the Member Community for the Voice of the Member Committee