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Intellectual Assets Management Network (IAMN)

IAMN provides members ideas and tools to improve management of their organization’s intellectual assets, from ideas to patents and beyond. Want to learn more? Join IAMN.

What's Hot in Intellectual Assets Management?

Why join IAMN?

Given the critical importance of IP and the role it plays in the success of commercializing R&D, you can’t afford not to use the invaluable knowledge and resources offered and openly shared through the IAM Network. Whether you’re the director of licensing or an innovative researcher, everyone has something not only to gain but also to give. I have received an incredible amount of knowledge, insight and best practices from this network and am always able to implement an improvement in my own R&D Organization upon my return. I encourage you to join one of our sessions and share non-confidential experiences. We’d certainly love to hear from you and welcome your participation!

-Riyon Harding & Dennis Fortner, co-chairs


The Intellectual Assets Management Network is a new offering from IRI. Join us now to help to shape the course of this group. We plan to have both live and virtual meetings and current topics under consideration include:

  • Patent search tools;
  • Software for tracking IP and ideas;
  • China and IP;
  • Training scientists in patent art;
  • Capitalizing IP on the balance sheet. 


Who are IAMN members?

Co-Chairs: Dennis Fortner (Northrup Grumman Corporation), Riyon Harding (The Coca-Cola Company)

Number of members: 16

Professionals involved: Senior Research Engineer, Director of Product Development and Innovation, Senior Project Manager, Intellectual Property Manager, Director of Intellectual Asset Management, Intellectual Property Strategist

Member companies represented:

Air Products
Cargill, Incorporated
The Coca-Cola Company
Elevance Renewable Sciences
J.M. Smucker Company
Kraton Polymers
Metalsa, S.A. de C.V.
Michelin Americas Research Corporation
National Gypsum Company
Northrup Grumman Corporation
Sealed Air Corporation
Swagelok Company
USG Corporation