What Does Collaborative Generation of Knowledge Mean?

Two main core values of IRI membership are the peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge and the research on best practices in technological innovation. The key vehicles for participating in this learning-rich environment are the IRI Networks and Research activities. Together, volunteers share their experiences and research case studies to establish Best Practices regarding common issues of interest or concern.

The research performed is leading-edge because it provides a broader and more diverse perspective for enhancing the effectiveness of technological innovation by leveraging experts across all industries. Participating in these unique groups provides an invaluable learning experience and wealth of network connections. Plenty of opportunities exist for in-person collaboration at meetings, as well as virtual interaction through online discussion forums. Browse one of the groups below for additional information.

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How Collaborative Learning at IRI Helps Me Work Smarter

"Nanotechnology, laboratory safety practices, hazard identification, ergonomics, measuring HSE performance, building a strong safety culture…..are just some of the subjects discussed during our HSE Network meetings. The sharing of approaches and HSE challenges with other research companies has been extremely valuable in advancing our program."