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Join your colleagues in a lively conference call scheduled for the first Friday of each month, noon eastern, to discuss the latest and best in innovation management literature. Discussions include papers appearing in RTM, topical books, Network “hot topics,” and other burning issues.  Bring your comments, questions and concerns and participate in IRI’s popular “Brown Bag” program.  Register online to receive your dial-in instructions or email Michele Taussig.


Upcoming Brown Bag Sessions 

February 5. Noon Eastern. Findings from the Big Data Research Team


Join IRI’s Big Data research team to discuss the Big Data Primer and results from interviews with industry leaders from a wide array of companies and industries from the Department of Homeland Security to IBM. Moderators:  Jeff Alexander (SRI), Mike Blackburn (Cargill), David Legan. Register today.



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January 8, 2016 - Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships
Author Gene Slowinski, Director of Strategic Alliance Research, Rutgers University Business School talks about  better practices that help IRI customer and supplier firms bring more and more effective innovation to market.  Access video.

December 4, 2015 - How to Thrive in the Era of Collaborative Services Entrepreneurship
Collaborators Rule!  Author Tim Ogilvie, CEO, Peer Insight, explores collaborative services entrepreneurship -- where firms cooperate with each other and with customers, to forge win-win business models for digitally enabled service innovation.  Access video

Nov 6, 2016 - Creating Cultural Change in a 115-Year Old R&D Organization
Over a five year period, Timken R&D worked to improve the speed and quality of its decisions and its alignment with the business. Author Leslie Christensen, Manager, Upstream Marketing, and Stephen Johnson, Director R&D, discuss the practical steps Timken took to change its culture.  Listen to the Audio

October 2, 2015 - Identifying Innovation Landmines in Your Front End
An interactive session using anchored scale ratings to show you where your group stands with respect to others. Bill Weber and John Bacon, iP2Biz, offer practical tips to deal with issues gleaned from thousands of cases.  Learn to identify the positive activities that distinguish the innovation high-performers as well as the landmines that can destroy success. Take a look at some of the criteria separating success from failure.
Access video.  

September 10, 2015 - Special Session
- Ted Farrington, AndSpace Consulting, and project leader of the IRI2038 Futures Stud, summarizes the project findings and provides an in-depth analysis of trends you should be watching for now.   View Video

May 8, 2015 - Jeff Cope, RTI, and Andy Kintz, LORD Corporation, presented findings from the External Technology Network survey on Open Innovation.  The group discussed practices and trends currently affecting or will affect how firms manage open innovation. View video

April 10, 2015 -  Improved Product Development Performance through Agile/Stage-Gate Hybrids:  The Next-Generation Stage-Gate Process? Dr. Anita Friis Sommer illustrates how combining a conventional Stage-Gate process with elements of Agile development can provide a more flexible, responsive product development process. Access article.

February 6, 2015 - Is the Lab Your World, Or the is the World Your Lab? Dr. Hila Lifshitz-Assaf, NYU, conducts live Q&A after a replay of her Member Summit keynote presentation.  See the original Member Summit 2015 Keynote (login required).

January 9, 2015 - Jim Euchner and Abhijit Ganguly discuss Goodyear's system for developing new business models to support technology innovation. Their article, "Business Model Innovation in Practice,"  was published in RTM's November-December 2014 issue.  Audio of discussion.

What are Other Brown Bag participants saying?


After today, I am kicking myself for all of the missed (Brown Bag) opportunities of the past. Thanks for an excellent, open forum of dialogue.
R&D Manager, BASF

The brown bag lunches are a great way to network and share ideas without having to make a multi-day trek of it. Very useful and interesting -- a valuable part of IRI membership. Keep up the good work.
Senior Technology Manager, Novozymes

Our company is just staring to actively use this technique and learning from the experiences of other companies was very useful.
Director of Technology, Noveon, Inc.

This is a great venue for getting more people interested in the topics IRI works on. I am planning on getting more of my managers to participate and in doing so hope to generate new ideas that should be explored by the IRI.
Senior Vice President, Research Division, ADM

Today's discussion was very much worth the time. The speakers were very knowledgeable of the subject.
Technical Planning Director, Mars Snackfood

A source of value provided by IRI.
Technology Manager, BP

Really great to hear comments from a wide variety of industries.
CEO, Innovation Insights

Brown Bag Sessions 2010 - 2014

2014 Brown Bags

Date Topic Article Audio/Video
December 5 Effective Implementation of R&D Strategy Using a Change Management Lens -- One of the top rated Member Summit sessions replayed. Live Q&A with Kim Miller & Mike Blackburn, Cargill. Video
November 4 Attendees discussed questions related to "Thinking & Acting Strategically," an IRI Voice of Member most pressing topic, in a 60 minute "lightning round" moderated by Dr. Len Polizzotto, Draper Labs. Audio
October 3 Tom Kurfess, Georgia Tech & Bill Cass, Cantor Colburn presented an integrated technical and legal discussion on IP concerns related to additive manufacturing. Rethinking Additive Manufacturing and Intellectual Property Protection, (Vol 57. Number 5) Session not recorded
September 4 2014 Holland Award author John Evans discussed "Tools for Managing Early-Stage Business Model Innovation." Dr. Evans outlined how Lockheed Martin's Innovation Readiness Levels provide a key measure of the stress a business-model innovation is likely to inflict on an organization. Tools for Managing Early-Stage Business Model Innovation Presentation Audio

Video from 2014 Member Summit
August 1 Marco Zeschky & Stephan Winterhalter, University of Gallan, discussed "From Cost to Frugal and Reverse Innovation: Mapping the Field and Implications for Global Competitiveness" From Cost to Frugal and Reverse Innovation: Mapping the Field and Implications for Global Competitiveness, (Vol. 57, Number 4)
July 11 MaryAnne Gobble, RTM's Managing Editor, helps take the pain out of journal article writing and provides insight on what makes a good article and what reviewers look for.
June 6 Tim Baines, Aston Centre for Servitization Research & Practice, talked with Jim Euchner, RTM Editor in Chief, about "Services-Led Business Models for Manufacturing." Services-Led Business Models for Manufacturing, (Vol. 57, Number 2)
May 2 Drs. Liz Lee-Kelley and Neil Turner, Cranfield University, discussed "Intentionally Creating a Community of Practice to Connect Dispersed Technical Professionals." Intentionally Creating a Community of Practice to Connect Dispersed Technical Professionals, (Vol. 57, Number 2)
April 4 Elmar Kutsch, Cranfield School of Management, led discussion on "Bridging the Risk Gap: the Failure of Risk Management in Information Systems Projects" Bridging the Risk Gap: the Failure of Risk Management in Information Systems Projects, (Vol. 57, Number 2)
March 7 Moderator Dr. John Simmins, EPRI, discusses "Industrial uses of Augmented Reality and Lessons Learned in the Electric Utility Industry.” Video
February 7 Jeff Hynds, Ingersoll Rand discusses how this assessment tool allows your company to benchmark progress toward sustainability goals and drive NPD growth. A Maturity Model for Sustainability in New Product Development, (Vol 57., Number 1) Video
January 10 Robert Cooper, President of the Product Development Institute, talks about why it might be time to rethink your idea-to-launch system. What's Next? After Stage-Gate, (Vol. 57, Number 1) Video

2013 Brown Bags

November 1 Michael Menke, Value Creation Associates, discusses a benchmarking study focused on project portfolio management best practices in R&D organizations Making R&D Portfolio Management More Effective (Vol. 56, Number 5) Video
October 4 Phil Metz, SingingDog, Sam Kogan, Gen3Partner, and Sue Burek, Ingersoll Rand present results and discuss conclusions and implications of Sustainability-Driven Innovation Practices
September 6 Jeff Cope from RTI International presents a structured approach for the assessment of early-stage technologies:  Accessing New Technologies: Both Internal & External
August 2 Alan Ayers, Strategic Innovation Group, moderates discussion on Building and Innovation Capability
July 12 Yun Mi Antorini and Albet M. Muniz Jr discuss the Benefits and Challenges of Collaborating with User Communities The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborating with User Communities, (Vol. 56, Number 3) Audio
June 7 Jim Euchner argues that user innovation, as a radical form of open innovation can challenge fundamental assumptions about the nature of business and the role of the business model in The Uses and Risks of Open Innovation The Uses and Risks of Open Innovation, (Vol. 56, Number 3) Audio
May 3 Jeff Hynds, Director of Innovation for the Center of Energy Efficiency and Sustainability, Ingersoll Rand discusses Viewing Innovation Through the Sustainabilty Lens. Viewing Innovation through the Sustainability Lens, (Vol. 56, Number 2) Audio
April 5 John Christiansen and Claus J. Vanes, Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School discuss Improving Design with Open Innovation - A Flexible Management Technology. Improving Design with Open Innovation - A Flexible Management Technology, (Vol. 56, Number 2) Audio
March 1 Rob Spencer, Director of Research at Imaginatik discusses why Your Teams Aren't Good Enough. Your Teams Aren't Good Enough, (Vol. 56, Number 1) Audio
February 1 Innovation Adventures Beyond the Core Video
January 4 Tucker Marion of Northeastern University discusses Managing Global Outsourcing to Enhance Lean Innovation. Managing Global Outsourcing to Enhance Lean Innovation (Vol 55, Number 5)  

2012 Brown Bags

December IRI2038 Project reviews results of Futures Audit and Weak Signals Environomental Scan. Brown Bag participants consider a weak signal and develop its futures wheel as an example. Slides
November 2 The Collaboration Continuum ROR Group discussed the current state of knowledge mangement in organizations at the 2012 Member Summit.



October 5 Rich Sonnenblick, Enrich Consulting, led discussion of Effective Portfolio Management, highlighting what works and what doesn't in R&D-driven portfolio management. Success Factors & Failure Modes in Portfolio Management Video
September 7 Satish Nambisan, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, and James Throckmorton, IP2BIZ LLC, discuss The Role of the Innovation Capitalist in Open Innovation. The Role of the Innovation Capitalist in Open Innovation, (Vol. 55, Number 3)
August 3 Author Sam Kogan, Gen3 Partners, described "GE's Open Collaboration Model," and answered questions about growing in adjacent makets. GE's Open Collaboration Model Audio
July 13 Authors Ted Farrington, (PepsiCo) and Christian Crews (AndSpace Consulting) outline four simple phases of foresight research methods used to influence the strategic research agenda at PepsiCo. Read Research Foresights Research Foresights Slides | IRI Futures Project Slides Video
June 1 Bruce Vojak and Raymond Price, University of Illinois, repeated their popular Annual Meeting session on "Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovation in Mature Firms". Serial Innovators: How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovation in Mature Firms Video
May 4 Stewart Mehlman (Praxair) led discussion on Better Practices for Managing Intellectual Assets in Collaborations on behalf of the Intellectual Assets Management Network.
April 13 David Horsup, Nalco Company, presents "Is your R&D Culture Aligned with the Changing Needs of your Employees?" Learn how to connect with the next generation. Video
March 2 Alan MacCormack, Harvard Business School, and Bill Crandall of Clarify LLC discuss if you need a new product development strategy. Session slides Audio
February 3 Dr. Jim Stryker, Holy Names University, discussed how the physical design of workspace can affect communication in "Facilitating Face-to-Face Communication in High-Tech Teams" Audio
January 6 Dr. Joseph Miller, Jr., Corning's EVP and CTO, shared how Corning survived the economic crisis by focusing on growth through innovation. "Out of a Near-Death Experience into a Chaotic Global Economy: How Corning Rediscovered its Innovation Roots," Audio

2011 Brown Bags

December 2 Prakash Balan of NSF discusses their Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the criteria that NSF uses to identify start-ups with high potential.
November 18 Idea Connection Systems, Inc, provided an overview of ISPI Feedback Results (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator)    Slides
October 7 Larry Schwartz, Intellectual Assets, Inc., and co-authors, discussed "Measuring the Effectiveness of R&D," Measuring the Effectiveness of R&D  Slides
September 9 Jerry Engel, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley, discussed "Accelerating Corporate Innovation: Lessons from the Venture Capital Model," "Accelerating Corporate Innovation: Lessons from the Venture Capital Model  
August 5 Nicolai Pogrebnyakov, Copenhagen Business School, talked about "Building Innovation Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets: The Experience of Novo Nordisk," Building Innovation Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets: The Experience of Novo Nordisk  
July 8 Peter Koen, Steven's Institute of Technology, discussed "The Three Faces of Business Model Innovation: Challenges for Established Firms,"   Audio
June 3 Dr. Erika Wagner, X PRIZE Foundation, discussed "The Big Win-Win: Putting Prizes to Work for Your Organization," based on her presentation at IRI's Annual Meeting.    Audio
May 6 Jim Euchner, RTM Editor-in-Chief, led discussion on "The Practice of Innovation: Innovation as the Management of Constraints,"
April 1 Ivy Eisenberg, Manager, Technology Planning & Open Innovation, Pitney Bowes's Strategic Technology and Innovation Center, discussed, "Lead-User Research for Breakthrough Innovation,"
March 4 Scott Mathews, technical fellow, Boeing research and development division, discusses "Innovation Portfolio Architecture," Innovation Portfolio Architecture  Audio
February 4 Dan Ranta, Director of Knowledge Sharing for ConocoPhillips discussed "Best Practices for Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture".   Video
January 7 Tucker Marion, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Group, College of Business Administration, Northeastern University, led discussion on "Innovating for Effectiveness: Lessons from Design Firms," Innovating for Effectiveness: Lessons from Design Firms Audio

2010 Brown Bags

December 3 John Taylor, Schneider-Electric, and ROR Working Group Sustainability in R&D discuss RoHS and REACH European regulations.   Audio
November 5 Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University Business School and managing partner of the Alliance Management Group, Inc., discussed "Good Practices in Open Innovation" Good Practices in Open Innovation Audio
October 1 Marc Meyer, Northeastern University, led discussion on "Selling Innovation to the C-Suite," Selling Innovation to the C-Suite Audio
September 3 Don Clausing and Maurice Holmes discussed "Technology Readiness," Technology Readiness Audio
August 6 David Baxter, Senior Research Fellow, Cranfield School of Management, UK, discusses "Managing Lessons Learned and Tacit Knowledge in New Product Development," Managing Lessons Learned and Tacit Knowledge in New Product Development Audio
July 9 Blake Emery, Boeing Commericial Airplanes, discussed "Innovation on the 787 Dreamliner," based on his 2010 Annual Meeting presentation Innovation on the 787 Dreamliner Audio