Browse our white papers, special offerings and Research-Technology Management special Reprint Collections – relevant, practical articles covering a variety of technology management topics. The Reprint Collection includes the best papers published in RTM. The articles chosen in these special collections were selected to give you a better perspective on managing technological innovation.

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IRI2038 Futures Study  

IRI2038 Futures Study

Gain provocative insights into how futures trends, developments, and events impact the art and science of research and technology management over the next 25 years. Available in Print-on-Demand or Interactive PDF.

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2014 Holland Award & Shortlisted Articles

Each of the articles presented deliver an original, practical, and insightful look at the field of innovation and R&D management from the perspective of those closely involved. The research presented in them helps push the boundaries of best practices around R&D management. We are pleased to showcase examples of the richness and depth of RTM articles. Print or e-version available.

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Shaping Innovation Success

New Voice of Member Product!

The collection of papers in this reprint book provides a set of tools that R&D executives can use to shape the risk of new business development.

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Opportunity Finding

New - Based on Voice of Member Research!

This collection highlights a few of the most useful tools to make identifying opportunities more predictable and manageable.

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Gender Diversity in Technology Leadership: Best Practices Playbook

A compilation of best practices assembled from published works and direct interviews with companies and industry affiliations through the work of IRI's Research-on-Research working group "Gender Diversity in Technology Leadership". Available as a digital edition only.

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Best Practices

White Paper: Data Competitions

Driving breakthrough innovations at breakneck speed... impact and limitations...enhancing R&D

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R&D Funding and Valuation

Access the value of your techology…applying options thinking…roadmapping… linking R&D spend to revenue growth... 43 articles.

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Building an Innovation Culture

Smart organizations perform better...innovation enablers and inhibitors…integrating cultures… dealing with the new diversity... 47 articles.
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Successful Portfolio Management

Collection based on IRI Voice of Member Research

Aligning R&D portfolio with corporate strategy…valuing and comparing small portfolios...harnessing external technology. 32 articles

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Improving Product Development Processes

Our Best-selling Collection!

Benchmarking best NPD practices...anticipating disruptive innovation...front-end innovation...optimizing stage-gate processes...roadmapping... 51 articles

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Promoting Breakthrough Innovation

Fostering creativity...value roadmapping...managing discontinuous innovation...identifying new business opportunities. 54 articles.

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Succeeding as a New Manager/Leader

Why managers fail...managing career transitions…how not to succeed as a manager…hiring people who do good research. 60 articles .

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Motivating, Appraising, Rewarding, and Retaining Engineers and Scientists

Managing human resources…motivating technical people…when careers plateau... 53 articles.

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Measuring and Improving the Performance and Return on R&D

Evaluating the technical operation...assessing technical R&D a good investment? 54 articles.

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