July-August 2015 (Vol. 58, Number 4)

Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies: A Path to Creating Opportunities in New Markets
Irene Spitsberg, Michael J. Verti, Sudhir Brahmandam, and George W. Coulston


Creating Innovation Capabilities: MoInlycke Health Care's Journey
Tove Weigel and Keith Goffin


Selecting Early-Stage Ideas for Radical Innovation: Tools and Structures
John Nicholas, Ann Ledwith, and John Bessant


Visualizing Roadmaps: A Design-Driven Approach
Clive Kerr and Robert Phaal


Open IP in the automotive industry...Apple and Google making inroads in automotive technology...Drug development in decline...The economic impact of academic research...other news.
Maryanne M. Gobble


Innovation Engines
Jim Euchner


What Really Matters for Innovation
Barry Jaruzelski and Jim Euchner


Major League Innovation
Roger Smith


Community Forum


Innovating Experience


Building Great Innovation Spaces
John Nottingham


May-June 2015 (Vol. 58, Number 3)

Confronting Culture Clash: Building a New Concensus at Hewlett-Packard
Invited. Chuck House


Creating Cultural Change in a 115-Year-Old R&D Organization
Leslie Christensen


Creating a Culture of Productivity and Collaborative Innovation: Orion's R&D Transformation
Robert Thong and Timo Lotta


Open Innovation at NASA: A New Business Model for Advancing Human Health and Performance Innovations
Jeffrey R. Davis, Elizabeth E. Richard, and Kathryn E. Keeton


Energy market innovations...Europe confronts a shortage of data scientists...A research institute looks to invest in the "blue economy"...Exploring quantum dots...other news.
Maryanne M. Gobble


Changing the Culture of R&D
Guest editors Tamara Carleton, William Cockayne and Yuriko Sawatani


Changing Culture Through Visionary Thinking
Tamara Carleton


The Challenges of Ambidextrous Leadership
Michael Tushman and Jim Euchner


Kill the Official Future.
Christian Crews


Community Forum


Designing for Change


Light-Touch Management with Social Media
Jason Crusan


March-April 2015 (Vol. 58, Number 2)

Business Models Outside the Core: Lessons Learned from Success and Failure
Heidi M. Bertels, Peter A. Koen, and Ian Elsum


Unstructured Text Analytics to Support New Product Development Decisions
Stephen K. Markham, Michael Kowolenko, and Timothy L. Michaelis


Hetero Expert Innovation: New Product Development through Exploitation of Ideas from Other Industries
Changil Choi and Heesang Lee


Creating Sustainable Value Through Service Offerings
Chun-Juei Chou, Chong-Wen Chen, and Chris Conley


EU axes top science advisor...Detroit opens newest manufacturing innovation institute...A new study examines the plight of young scientists...4D printing offers new possibilities in product design...other news.
MaryAnne M. Gobble


Digitizing and Informatting
Jim Euchner


Design in the Generative Economy
Youngjin Yoo and Jim Euchner


In Search of Bravery
Irene Petrick


Community Forum


Regulating Innovation in the New Economy


Developing Intuition and Building Teams
Martin Jung


January-February 2015 (Vol. 58, Number 1)

2015 R&D Trends Forecast: Results from the Industrial Research Institute’s Annual Survey
by The Industrial Research Institute

Improved Product Development Performance through Agile/Stage-Gate Hybrids: The Next-Generation Stage-Gate Process?
by Anita Friis Sommer, Christian Hedegaard, Iskra Dukovska-Popovska, and Kenn Steger-Jensen

Knowing Communities in the Front End of Innovation
by Jean-François Harvey, Patrick Cohendet, Laurent Simon, and Stefano Borzillo

by MaryAnne M. Gobble

How Much Is Enough?
by Jim Euchner

Business Design: An Interview with Adrian Slywotzky
by Jim Euchner and Adrian Slywotzky

Measuring R&D Productivity
by Peter Gwynne

The Elixir of Innovation
by Roger Smith

Community Forum

The Case Against Disruptive Innovation
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Looking to the Future
by Gary Smith


November-December 2014 (Vol. 57, Number 6)

The Role of Diversity in Commercializing Basic Science
by Joseph M. DeSimone

Innovation and Value Creation in a Very Long-Cycle Business
by Alan H. Epstein

GE Is in a Startup State of Mind,
by Danielle Merfeld

Business Model Innovation in Practice,
by Jim Euchner & Abhijit Ganguly

Venture Capital Firms and Incubators,
by Howard Morgan

MaryAnne M. Gobble

From the Editor: Are There Patterns of Innovation?,
by Jim Euchner

Innovation Ecosystems: An Interview with Ron Adner,
by Jim Euchner and Ron Adner

2014 IRI Medal Winner,
Awarded to Joseph DeSimone

Research-on-Research Reports

Executing into the Future,
by Irene Petrick

Business Model Innovation,
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

The Power of Transformation,
by Mehmood Khan


September-October 2014 (Vol. 57, Number 5)

The Challenge of Closing Open Innovation: The Intellectual Property Disassembly Problem,
by Ove Granstrand and Marcus Holgersson

Commercializing University Research in Diverse Settings: Moving Beyond Standardized Intellectual Property Management,
by Jeremy Hall, Stelvia Matos, Vernon Bachor, and Robin Downey

Rethinking Additive Manufacturing and Intellectual Property Protection,
by Thomas Kurfess and William J. Cass

Implications of the America Invents Act for R&D Managers: Connecting the Patent Life Cycle with the Technology Development Process,
W. Austin Spivey, J. Michael Munson, and BeR&D Wurth

MaryAnne M. Gobble

The Challenges of Intellectual Property,
by Irene Petrick, Thierry Rayna, and Ludmila Striukova

Patents and the Innovation Incentive: An Interview with Jim Bessen,
by Jim Bessen and Jim Euchner

Managing Under Uncertainty,
by Robin W. Spencer

Community Forum

Rethinking Intellectual Property,
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Opening Up the Automobile,
by Venkatesh Prasad


July-August 2014 (Vol. 57, Number 4)

From Cost to Frugal and Reverse Innovation: Mapping the Field and Implications for Global Competitiveness,
by Marco B. Zechky, Stephan Winterhalter, and Oliver Gassman

Reverse Innovation at Speres: A Case Study in China,
by Simone Corsi, Alberto Di Minin, and Andrea Piccaluga

The Repertory Grid Technique as a Customer Insight Method,
David Ian Baxter, Keith Goffin, and Marek Szwejczewski

Eureka! Lessons Learned from an Evaluation of the Idea Contest at Deltares,
Nick Leung, Arjan van Rooij, and Jurjen van Deen

by MaryAnne Gobble, Editor

Which Box Are You In?,
by Jim Euchner, Editor

What Every New PhD Should Know,
by Louis A. Gritzo

Leading Growth Through Design: An Interview with Patrick Whitney,
by Patrick Whitney and Jim Euchner

Innovate Like It’s 1985,
by Roger Smith

Community Forum

Charting the Innovation Ecosystem,
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Speed to Decision Making,
by Doug Smith


May-June 2014 (Volume 57 Number 3)

A Chain of Innovation: The Creation of Swiffer,
by Harry West

Managing the Front End of Innovation - Part II: Results from a Three Year Study
by Peter A. Koen, Heidi M. J. Bertels, and Elko Kleinschmidt

A Three-Stage Filter for Effective Technology Selection,
by Matt Collins and Leon Williams

Mastering the Transition to Product-Service Provision: Insights into Business Models, Learning Activities, and Capabilities,
by Vinit Parida, David Röonnberg Sjöodin, Joakim Wincent, and Marko Kohtamäaki

by MaryAnne M. Gobble

by Jim Euchner

The Art and Science of Design,
by Tom MacTavish, Anijo Mathew, and Kim Erwin

Managing Complexity,
by Rob Spencer

Community Forum,
by Industrial Research Institute

Design Thinking,
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Integrating Design with Engineering,
by Mike Gallagher

March-April 2014 (Volume 57 Number 2)

A Fad or a Phenomenon? The Adoption of Open Innovation Practices in Large Firms
by Henry Chesbrough and Sabine Brunswicker

Bridging the Risk Gap: The Failure of Risk Management in Information Systems Projects
by Elmar Kutsch, Tyson R. Browning, and Mark Hall

Managing the Front End of Innovation - Part I: Results from a Three-Year Study
by Peter A. Koen, Heidi M.J. Bertels, and Elko Kleinschmidt

Intentionally Creating a Community of Practice to Connect Dispersed Technical Professionals
by Liz Lee-Kelley, Neil Turner, and John Ward

by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Occupational Hazards
by Jim Euchner

Services-Led Business Models for Manufacturers
by Tim Baines and Jim Euchner

The Power of Storytelling
by Irene Petrick

Community Forum
by Industrial Research Institute

Beyond Brainstorming
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

The Importance of Core Values
by Doug Muzyka

January-February 2014 (Volume 57 Number 1)

What's Next? After Stage-Gate
by Robert G. Cooper

2014 R&D Trends Forecast: Results from the Industrial Research Institute's Annual Survey
by Industrial Research Institute

A Governance Framework for the Idea-to-Launch Process: Development and Application of a Governance Framework for New Product Development
by Mark Baker and Mike Bourne

A Maturity Model for Sustainability in New Product Development
by The Sustainability Maturity Model ROR Group

by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Innovation Culture and Open Space Meetings
by Jim Euchner

The Rules Have Changed: A Case Study of Chinese Government Support of Local Technologies
by Xudong Gao

The Future of Engineering Education
by Rick Miller and Jim Euchner

by Roger Smith

Community Forum
by Industrial Research Institute

The Persistence of Brainstorming
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Leveraging University Research at Rolls Royce
by Ric Parker

November-December 2013 (Volume 56 Number 6)

Jobs for My Grandchildren: Thoughts about Creating New Jobs by Creating New Industries
by George Whitesides

Creating and Implementing Breakthrough Technologies
by Robert Langer

The Industrial Research Institute: Past and Future
by Eric S. Hintz and Ed Bernstein

by MaryAnne Gobble

Magic and Innovation
by Jim Euchner

3D Printing Disrupts Manufacturing: How Economies of One Create New Rules of Competition
by Irene J. Petrick and Timothy W. Simpson

Building a Culture of Innovation
by Norm Augustine and Jim Euchner

The IRI 2038 Scenarios: Four Views of the Future
by Ted Farrington and Christian Crews

The 2013 IRI Medal
Awarded to Robert S. Langer and George M. Whitesides

Industrial Research Institute

Work Is Not a Game
by Robin W. Spencer

Innovating the Corporation
by MaryAnne Gobble

2013 Index

Rethinking Engineering Education
by Richard K. Miller

September-October (Volume 56 Number 5)


Where Are All the Breakthrough New Products? Using Portfolio Management to Boost Innovation. Invited Article
by Robert G. Cooper

Making R&D Portfolio Management More Effective
by Michael M. Menke

From Budget-Based to Strategy-Based Portfolio Management: A Six-Year Case Study
by Daniel Smith and Richard Sonnenblick

Tools for Managing Early-Stage Business Model Innovation
by John D. Evans and Ray O. Johnson

by MaryAnne Gobble

Innovation Portfolio Management
by Scott Mathews

Addressing the Challenges of Portfolio Management
by Rich Sonnenblick

Dealing with Shortages of Critical Materials
by Gene Slowinski, Darin Latimer, and Stewart Mehlman

Exploring the Future through Scenarios
by Ted Farrington, Christian Crews, and Lee Green

The Rainbow Zebra
by Roger Smith

Creating Change
by MaryAnne Gobble

Connecting People to Leverage Technology
by Allen Adler

July-August 2013 (Volume 56 Number 4)

Technology Landscape Mapping: At the Heart of Open Innovation
by Irene Spitsberg, Sudhir Brahmandam, Michael J. Verti, and George W. Coulston

Use of an Innovation Board to Integrate the Front End of Innovation with Formal NDP Processes: A Longitudinal Study
by Stephen K. Markham and Hyunjung Lee

How Hard Can It Be? Actively Managing Complexity in Technology Projects
by Harvey R. Maylor, Neil W. Turner, and Ruth Murray-Webster

Targeted Consumer Involvement: An Integral Part of Successful New Product Development
by James Leahy

by MaryAnne Gobble

Innovation is Change Management
by Jim Euchner

What Large Companies Can Learn from Start-ups
by Eric Ries and Jim Euchner

Managing Front-End Innovation through Idea Markets and Novozymes
by Giancarlo Lauto, Finn Valentin, Fran Hatzack, and Maria Carlsen

Developing 20/20 Foresight
by Irene Petrick

Outsourcing Innovation
by MaryAnne Gobble

Managing New Business Innovation
by Rob Van Leen

May-June 2013 (Volume 56 Number 3)


The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborating with User Communities. Invited Article
by Yun Mi Antorini and Albert M. Muniz Jr.

Living Labs for User-Driven Innovation: A Process Reference Model
by Javier Garcia Guzman, Alvaro Fernandez del Carpio, Ricardo Colomo-Palacios, and Manuel Velasco de Diego

Exploring Characteristics and Motives of Consumer Innovators: Community Innovators vs. Independent Innovators
by Susumu Ogawa and Kritinee Pongtanalert

The Uses and Risks of Open Innovation
by Jim Euchner

by MaryAnne Gobble

User Innovation
by Jim Euchner

Innovation Economy 2020
by Industrial Research Institute

Implications Wheels: Structured Brainstorming About the Future
by Ted Farrington, Christian Crews, and Jennifer Blenkle

Fundamental Limits
by Rob Spencer

The Rise of the User-Manufacturer
by MaryAnne Gobble

Empowering Users to Rethink Transportation
by Bill Coughlin

March-April 2013 (Volume 56 Number 2)

Threat of Litigation and Patent Value: What Technology Managers Should Know
by Zeljko and Dragan Kukolj

Reframing the Search Space for Radical Innovation
by John Nicholas, Ann Ledwith, and John Bessant

Improving Design with Open Innovation: A Flexible Management Technology
by John K. Christiansen, Marta Gasparin, and Claus J. Varnes

Managing Knowledge for Product-Service System Innovation: The Role of Web 2.0 Technologies
by Koteswar Chirumalla

by MaryAnne Gobble

The Nature and Uses of Evidence
by Jim Euchner

Viewing Innovation through the Sustainability Lens
by Jefferson Hynds

The Role of the Chief Innovation Officer
by Jane Edison Stevenson and Jim Euchner

The View from 2038: 25 Years of Change in Product Development
by Ted Farrington, Christian Crews, and Jennifer Blenkle

Wild West Innovation
by Roger Smith

The Perilous Pursuit of Best Practice, or Why We Shouldn't All Try To Be Apple
by MaryAnne Gobble

Learn the Organization
by J. Stephen Rottler


January-February 2013 (Volume 56 Number 1)

2013 R&D Trends Forecast
Industrial Research Institute

The State of Corporate Venturing: Insights from a Global Study
by Boris Battistini, Fredrik Hacklin, and Pius Baschera

Assessing Interface Challenges in Product Development Projects
by Nicolette Lakemond, Thomas Magnusson, Glen Johansson, and Kristina Stafsten

Sharing Research Equipment to Bridge Intraorganizational Boundaries
by Stefan Andereggen, Frank Andreas Zoller, and Roman Boutellier

by MaryAnne Gobble

A Cambrian Moment
by Jim Euchner

Navigating the VUCA World
by Bob Johansen and Jim Euchner

Clustering Research, Education, and Entrepreneurship
by Ugo Finardi

IRI2038: Envisioning the Future of R&D
by Ted Farrington, Christian Crews, and Jennifer Blenkle

Your Teams Aren't Good Enough
by Rob Spencer

Big Data: The Next Big Thing in Innovation
by MaryAnne Gobble

It's All About People
by Sophie Vandebroek

November-December 2012 (Volume 55 Number 6)

The 2012 IRI Achievement Award
The Industrial Research Institute

The 2012 IRI Medal
The Industrial Research Institute

Driving Disruptive Innovation Problem Finding and Strategy Setting in an Uncertain World
by Irene J. Petrick and Russ Martinelli

Floating on Air
by Jim Euchner

Innovation Adventures Beyond the Core
by David Edwards

Meeting Tomorrows Energy Demand Through Innovation and Collaboration
by F. Emil Jacobs

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Reflections on Building a Global Technology Platform
by John J. Curro

Research-on-Research Reports
The Industrial Research Institute

Motivating Innovation
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Reverse Innovation
by Vijay Govindarajan and Jim Euchner

Serial Innovators How Individuals Create and Deliver Breakthrough Innovations in Mature Firms
by Bruce A. Vojak, Raymond L. Price, and Abbie Griffin

Taking the Broad View
by John McDonald

September-October 2012 (Volume 55 Number 5)

A New Approach to Intellectual Property Management and Industrially Funded Research at Penn State
by Henry C. Foley

Bootlegging in the R&D Departmetns of High Tech Technology Firms
by Yaser Masoudnia and Marek Szwejczewski

Bringing Lean Thinking to R&D
by Jean-Claude Kihn

Questions and Answers from IRI Members
by The Industrial Research Institute

Dynamic Technology Leadership
by Chris van der Hoven, David Probert, Robert Phaal, and Keith Goffin

Managing Global Outsourcing to Enhance Lean Innovation
by Tucker J. Marion and John Friar

New Business Models for Public-Sector Innovation
by Pietro Micheli, Magnus Schoeman, David Baxter, and Keith Goffin

Organizational Leadership and Natural Selection
by Michael Maccoby

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Innovation and Sustainability
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Spectrum Disorder
by James Euchner

The Evolution of Innovation
by John Seely Brown and Jim Euchner

July-August 2012 (Volume 55 Number 4)

2011 Maurice Holland Award

Beyond the Voice of the Customer Ethnographic Market Research
by Keith Goffin, Claus J. Varnes, Chris van der Hoven, and Ursula Koners

Building on Open Business Models
by Alph Bingham

Building Open Innovation at P&G
by Gil Cloyd and Jim Euchner

GE's Open Collaboration Model
by Michael Idelchik and Sam Kogan

IRI Community Forum

Looking Back on a Decade of Open Innovation
by Jim Euchner

Open Innovation in the Eighteenth Century The Longitude Problem
by Robin W. Spencer

Open Innovation Where We've Been and Where We're Going
by Henry Chesbrough

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Defining Open
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

The Challenges in Implementing Open Innovation in a Global Innovation Driven Company
by Paul Nakagaki, Josh Aber, and Terry Fetterhoff

May-June 2012 (Volume 55 Number 3)

A Pervasive Model for Participation in Voluntary Forums
by Robin W. Spencer

Crowdsourcing - Leveraging Innovation Through Online Idea Competitions
by Fiona Maria Schweitzer, Walter Buchinger, Oliver Gassmann, and Marianna Obrist

Design Thinking
by Roger Martin and Jim Euchner

Disentangling the Complexity of Early Stage Technology Acquisitions
by Simon J. Ford, Letizia Mortara, and David R. Probert

IRI Community Forum

Leveraging Synergies Betweek R&D and Key Account Management to Drive Value Creation
by Georg F.L. WieBmier, Axel Thoma, and Christoph Senn

Managing Paradox
by James Euchner

Nullius in Verba: The Birth of Innovation
by Roger Smith

News and Analysis of the Global Innovation Scene
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

Innovation and Strategy
by MaryAnne M. Gobble

The Role of the Innovation Capitalist in Open Innovation: A Case Study and Key Lessons Learned
by Satish Nambisan, John Bacon, and James Throckmorton

Trust Your Instincts
by Michael J. Harsh

March-April 2012 (Volume 55 Number 2)

The European Union Ban on Stem Cell Patents - Is the Sky Falling?
Hemphill, Thomas A.

Gobble, MaryAnne; Tirpak, Thomas

Gobble, MaryAnne

Managing Conflict Between Bureaucratics and Interactives
Maccoby, Michael

Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness in an Automotive R&D Organization
Boehm, Eike

Engagement and Innovation
Euchner, James

Culture, People, and Innovation
Rosenfeld, Robert

Community Forum
Industrial Research Institute

Charting Exploitation Strategies for Emerging Technology
Phaal, Robert; Routley, Michele; Athanassopoulou, Nicoletta; Probert, David

Best Practices in the Idea to Launch Process and its Governance
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.

A Well Balanced Approach to Innovation
Miller, Joseph, A

Research Foresights The Use of Strategic Foresight Methods for Ideation and Portfolio Management
Farrington, Ted; Henson, Keith; Crews, Christian

January-February 2012 (Volume 55 Number 1)

IRI R&D Trends Forecast for 2012
Antcliff, Richard

Gobble, MaryAnne

Accessing Supplier Innovation by Being their Preferred Customer
Schiele, Holger

Do you Need a New Product Development Strategy
MacCormack, Alan; Crandall, William; Henderson, Paul; Toft, Peter

Fresh Starts
Euchner, James; Gobble, MaryAnne

21st Century R&D
Jelinek, Mariann; Bean, Alden S.; Antcliff, Richard; Whalen-Pedersen, Erik; Cantwell, April

Pardon the Constant Interruption
Smith, Roger

Industrial Research Institute

Facilitating Face-to-Face Communication in High-Tech Teams
Stryker, James B.; Santoro, Michael D

Playing to Win William F. Banholzer
The Industrial Research Institute

IRI Community Forum
The Industrial Research Institute

Innovation to Reduce Poverty
Polak, Paul


November-December 2011 (Volume 54 Number 6)

Why Prizes? The Surprising Resurgence of Prizes to Stimulate Innovation
Wagner, Erkia

Transforming American Industry
Chowdhry, Uma

2011 IRI Medal
Industrial Research Institute

The Greater Philadelphia Innovation Cluster for Energy Efficient Buildings
Foley, Henry; Freihaut, James; Hallacher, Paul; Knapp, Christine

Research-on-Research Reports
Industrial Research Institute

Industrial Research Institute

Out of a Near Death Experience into a Chaotic Global Economy
Miller, Joseph

Jamming on Innovation an Interview with Liam Clever
Cleaver, Liam

Innovation in the New Normal
Euchner, James

Information Resources

Edison Nation
Foreman, Louis

2011 IRI Achievement Award
Industrial Research Institute

September-October (Volume 54 Number 5)

Building an Innovation Community
Dahl, Alison; lawrence, Jill; Pierce, Jeff

Community Forum
Industrial Research Institute

Einstein and Picasso in R and D
Smith, Roger

Implementation Steps for Successful Out-Licensing
Lichtenthaler, Ulrich

Information Resources
Schwartz, Lawrence; Miller, Roger; Plummer, Daniel; Fusfeld, Alan

Innovation Portfolio Architecture - Part2
Mathews, Scott

Innovation's Skilled Incompetence
Euchner, James

Measuring the Effectiveness of R and D
Schwartz, Lawrence; Miller, Roger; Plummer, Daniel; Fusfeld, Alan

Gobble, MaryAnne

The Evolution of Open Innovation An Interview with Henry Chesbrough
Euchner, James; Chesbrough, Henry

July-August 2011 (Volume 54 Number 4)

Building Innovation Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets
Pogrebnyakov, Nicolai; Kristensen, Jonas

Frugal Innovation in Emerging Markets
Zeschky, Marco; Widenmayer, Bastian; Gassmann, Oliver

Global Innovators from Emerging Markets
Schrage, Michael

Information Resources
Industrial Research Institute

In Remembrance Harry W. Coover, Jr
Industrial Research Institute

Innovation in Emerging Markets
Petrick, Irene

Innovation in Emerging Markets Interview with G. N. Bajpai
Bajpai, G.N.; Euchner, James

IRI Community Forum
Industrial Research Institute

Managing in Emerging Markets
Maccoby, Michael

Gobble, MaryAnne

R&D Strategies in Emerging Economies Results from McKinsey Global Survey
Barrett, Christie W.; van Biljon, Peet; Musso, Christopher

Strategic, Organizational, and Operational Challenges of Product Innovation in China
Ozer, Muammer

The Rise of the Rest Hotbeds of Innovation in Emerging Markets
Petrick, Irene; Juntiwasarakij, Suwan


May-June 2011 (Volume 54 Number 3)

Invited Paper: Research and Innovation: An Indian Perspective
R. Chidambaram

The Effectiveness of the Chief Technology Officer
Scott Hartley

Accelerating Corporate Innovation: Lessons from the Venture Capital Model
Jerome S. Engel

Breaking Away: An Innovation Model for Sustainable Growth
Jane Stevenson

Three Faces of Business Model Innovation: Challenges for Established Firms
Heidi M. J. Bertels, and Ian R. Elsum

Perspective: Views and News of the Current RTM Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble

From the Editor: The Role of the CTO
Seetharama C. Deevi

One Point of View: Our Nation Needs an Innovation Strategy
Nabil Sakkab

Managers at Work: The Future of the Internet
Vinton G. Cerf and James Euchner

Innovation for Innovators: Field-Grade CTO
Roger Smith

IRI Community Forum
Questions and Answers from IRI's Members

Resources and Reviews
New Books and Reports

March-April 2011 (Volume 54 Number 2)

Selling Technological Knowledge: Managing the Complexities of Technology Transactions
Mattia Bianchi, Vittorio Chiesa, and Federico Frattini

Corporate Venture Capital Investments for Enhancing Innovation: Challenges and Solutions
Johann Jakob Napp and Tim Minshall

Managing Uncertainty During R&D Projects: A Case Study
Marc Wouters, Berend Roorda, and Ruud Gal

The Practice of Innovation: Innovation as the Management of Constraints
James Euchner and Austin Henderson

Perspective: Views and News of the Current RTM Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble

From the Editor: Innovation and Risk
James A. Euchner

The 2010 Maurice Holland Award: Presented to Seongkeun Jang, Yongki Yoon, Inseong Lee, and Jinwoo Kim for “Design-Oriented New Product Development.”

Managers at Work: Open Services Innovation: An Interview With Henry Chesbrough
Henry Chesbrough and James Euchner

Innovation for Innovators Productive Factory Towns
Roger Smith

IRI Community Forum
Questions and Answers from IRI's Members

Resources and Reviews
New Books and Reports

January-February 2011 (Volume 54 Number 1)

Industrial Research Institute’s R&D Trends Forecast for 2011
Industrial Research Institute

Developing New Technology Platforms for New Business Models: Syngenta’s Partnership with the University of Manchester
Khaleel Malik, Luke Georghiou, and Bruce Grieve

Optimizing the R&D Process Using Spin-Outs: Case Studies from the Pharmaceutical Industry
Gunter Festel, Sven H. De Cleyn, Roman Boutellier, and Johan Braet

Effective Strategies to Catch Up in the Era of Globalization: Experiences of Local Chinese Telecom Equipment Firms
Xudong Gao

Lead-User Research for Breakthrough Innovation
Ivy Eisenberg

Views and News of the Current RTM Scene
MaryAnne M. Gobble

Innovation Puzzles
James A. Euchner

Managing Disruption: An Interview With Clayton Christensen
Clayton Christensen and James Euchner

Constructing Collaboration
Michael Maccoby

IRI Community Forum
Questions and Answers from IRI's Members

Resources and Reviews
New Books and Reports

November-December 2010 (Volume 53 Number 6)

Exact Change
Donofrio, Nick

Innovation Portfolio Architecture
Mathews, Scott

Why Innovation Matters
Brown, Bruce

Innovation in Commercial Aircraft: The 787 Dreamliner Cabin
Blake, Emery

Gobble, MaryAnne

Resources and Reviews

Research-On-Research Reports
Research-on-Research Working Groups

Industrial Research Institute

September-October 2010 (Volume 53 Number 5)

July-August 2010 (Volume 53 Number 4)

Technology Readiness 7/1/2010
Clausing, Don; Homes, Maurice

Information Resources 7/1/2010
Johnson, Albert

Selling Innovation to the C Suite 7/1/2010
Meyer, Marc H.; Marion, Tucker J.; Crane, Frederick G.

Managing Lessons Learned and Tacit Knowledge in New Product Development 7/1/2010
Goffin, Keith; Koners, Ursula; Baxter, David; van der Hoven, Chris

Developing Disruptive Products for Emerging Economies Lessons from Asian Cases 7/1/2010
Hang, Chang-Chieh; Chen, Jin; Subramian, Annapoornima M.

The 4 Rs of Motivation 7/1/2010
Maccoby, Michael

Developing a Technology Intelligence Strategy at Kodak European Research Scan and Target 7/1/2010
Mortara, Letizia; Thomson, Ruth; Moore, Chris; Armara, Kalliopi; Kerr, Clive; Phaal, Robert; Probert, David

Selling Innovation to the C Suite 7/1/2010
Meyer, Marc H.; Marion, Tucker J.; crane, Frederick G.

Leadership Lessons 7/1/2010
Joshi, Ashok

Two Flavors of Open Innovation 7/1/2010
Euchner, James

Perspectives 7/1/2010
Gobble, MaryAnne


May-June 2010 (Volume 53 Number 3)

Needed - An Innovation Stimulus
Larson, Charles

Developing a Product Innovation and Technology Strategy for Your Business
Cooper, Robert and Edgett, Scott

Managing Strategy and Innovation
Euchner, James

Information Resources
Smith, Roger

Innovation Strategies for Creating Competitive Advantage
Bowonder, B.; Dambal, Anirudha; Kumar, Shambhu; and Shirodkar, Abhay

Integration of Intellectual Property Strategy with Innovation Strategy
Germaraad, Paul

Computing Beyond the Firewall
Smith, Roger

How Innovation Management Techniques Support an Open Innovation Strategy
Igartua, Juan Ignacio; Garrigós, Jose Albors; and Hervas-Oliver, Jose Luis

Gobble, MaryAnne M.

Making “Asymmetric” Partnerships Work
Minshall, Tim; Mortara, Letizia; Valli, Robert and Probert, David


March-April 2010 (Volume 53 Number 2)

Wolff, Michael

Managing Design and Technology
Euchner, James E.

Technology Management at Rolls-Royce
Foden, James and Berends, Hans

Upgrade Your New-Product Machine
Adams, Dan; Hublikar, Sudhir

Valuing and Comparing Small Portfolios
Mitchell; Rick; Hunt; Francis; Probert; David

Managing Risk in Pharmaceutical R&D
Case, Randolph H.

Technology Management at Rolls-Royce
Foden, James and Berends, Hans

Information Resources

Learn Change Leadership from Two Great Teachers
Maccoby; Michael

Mastering Technologies in Design-Driven Innovation
Dell'Era, Claudio ; Marchesi, Alessio and Verganti, Roberto

Upgrade Your New-Product Machine
Adams, Dan; Hublikar, Sudhir


January-February 2010 (Volume 53 Number 1)

Industrial Research Institutes R&D Trends Forecast for 2010
Cosner, Raymond; Industrial Research Institute

Google Means Every
Smith, Roger

Innovation Lessons From Ireland
Harris, William C.

Smart People, Smart Ideas And The Right Environment Drive Innovation
Barrett, Craig

Wolff, M. F.

Designing a Best-in-Class Innovation Scorecard
Eager, Amanda

Better Practices For Managing Intellectual Assets In Collaborations
Mehlman, Stewart K.; Uribe-Saucedo, Silvia; Taylor, Ronald P.; Slowinski, Gene; Carreras, Ed; Arena, Chris

Managing In Turbulent Times
Euchner, James A.

Technology Leadership In Turbulent Times
Chowdhry, Uma

Information Resources
Industrial Research Institute

Creating Value In Turbulent Times
Banholzer, William F.

Selecting Technologies For Constantly Changing Applications Markets
Lee, Chun-Teh


November-December 2009 (Volume 52 Number 6)


Outsourcing Innovation
Zhijian Cui, Christoph H. Loch, BeR&D Grossmann, and Ru He

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Talent
Debra Ricker France, Marilyn Leahy and Mary Parsons

Antitrust, an Anachronism?
D. Bruce Merrifield

Information Resources
Industrial Research Institute

IRI Medalist's Address - R&D: Key to the 21st Century
Norman R. Augustine

From the Editor
James A. Euchner

Value Roadmapping
Marcel C. Dissel, Rob Phaal, Clare J. Farrukh, David R. Probert

The CEO's of Hsinchu Science Park
Yu-Shing Chang, Tyng Ruu Lin, Hsiao-Cheng Yu and Shih-Chi Chang

Predict the Future Better
Michael Maccoby

Capitalizing On Thought Diversity for Innovation
Corinne Post, Emilio De Lia, Nancy DiTomaso, Thomas M. Tirpak, Rajendra Borwankar


September-October 2009 (Volume 52 Number 5)

Aligning Marketing and Technology to Drive Innovation
Ronald Cotterman, Alan Fusfeld, Pamela Henderson, Jonathan Leder, Carl Loweth, and Anthony Metoyer

Valuing Risky Projects with Real Options
Scott Mathews

What's Constraining Your Innovation
Michael A. Dalton

Information Resources

Innovation as a System
Marvin L. Patterson

Building a CREATIVE High Performance R&D Culture
Jerry L. Newman

RTM For and By Practitioners
James A. Euchner

M. F. Wolff

New Hope for Measuring RD Effectiveness
Anne Marie Knott

Computing in the Cloud
Roger Smith


July-August 2009 (Volume 52 Number 4)

Roadmapping Lessons From the Basque Country
Juan M. Goenaga and Robert Phaal

Sustaining Innovation is Challenge for Incumbents
Ashley Braganza, Yukika Awazu, Kevin C. Desouza

Erosion of R&Ds Value
Tony Singarayar


R&D Reputation and Corporate Brand Value
Oliver Gassmann, Wolf-Christian Rumsch, Erich Rüetsche, Martin A. Bader

Information Resources

Innovation Does Pay Off - If you Measure Correctly
Ashish Sood and Gerard J. Tellis

Learn from New Product Failures
Jim Hlavacek, Craig Maxwell and Jimmy Williams, Jr.

Integrating Cultures Is R&D Leaders Newest Task
Michael Maccoby

What Makes High Performance Teams Excel
Lisa J. Daniel and Charles R. Davis


May-June 2009 (Volume 52 Number 3)

March-April 2009 (Volume 52 Number 2)

Managers Who Are Leaders
Michael Maccoby

How Companies are Reinventing Their Idea-to-Launch Methodologies
Robert G. Cooper

Design Oriented New Product Development
Seongkeun Jang, Yongki Yoon, Inseong Lee, and Kinwoo Kim

Information Resources

Technological Innovation in BRIC Economies
Chun-Yao Tseng

Creating a Winning R&D Culture II
Greg A Stevens and Kurt Swogger

Managing Global R&D Operations Lessons from the Trenches
Surajit Kar, Suresh Subramanian and Dinkar Saran

Design Oriented New Product Development
Seongkeun Jang, Yongki Yoon, Inseong Lee, and Kinwoo Kim

Supercomputing on Your Desktop
Roger Smith

January-February 2009 (Volume 52 Number 1)

Managing Culturally Diverse Teams
Peter Gwynne

Michael F. Wolff

Effective Practices for Sourcing Innovation
Gene Slowinski, Edward Hummel, Amitabh Gupta, and Ernest R. Gilmont

Industrial Research Institute's R&D Trends Forecast for 2009
Industrial Research Institute, Raymond R. Cosner, Kimberly Williams

Getting Innovation from Suppliers
Stephan M. Wagner

Creating a Winning R&D Culture - 1
Greg A. Stevens and Kurt Swogger

Information Resources

Improve Tech Transfer with This Alliance Scorecard
W. Austin Spivey, J. Michael Munson, William T. Flannery, and Fu-Sen Tsai

Information-Communication Technologies Open up Innovation
Yukika Awazu, Peter Baloh, Kevin C. Desouza, Christoph H. Wecht, Jeffrey Kim, Sanjeev Jha

Implementing Change in Smaller Firms
José I. Galán, Juan Carlos Monje and José Ángel Zúñiga-Vicente


November-December 2008 (Volume 51 Number 6)

Industrial R&D in 2008 Revisiting the 1998 Predictions
Charles F. Larson


Stay in Front of the Talent Curve
Donald H. Ruse and Karen E. Jansen

Identify Your Innovation Enablers and Inhibitors
Thomas J. Balsano, Nina E. Goodrich, Richard K. Lee, John W. Miley, Terri F. Morse, and David A. Roberts

Evaluating R&D Projects with Hedging Behavior
Lieh-Ming Luo, Her-Jiun Sheu and Yu-Pin Hu

Industrial Research Institute's 10th Annual Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Information Resources

Driving Innovation to the Marketplace IBMs First-of-Kind Program
Mary Jo Frederich and Peter Andrews

Protecting IP in Collaborative Research
Gene Slowinski and Kim William Zerby

China's Patent System and Globalization
Lulin Gao

Realize Hidden Value Through Timely Portfolio Decisions
Roland Mohr, Harald Pacl and Marcus Hartmann

NASA Researchers Learn Leadership as a Way of Being
Michael Maccoby


September-October 2008 (Volume 51 Number 5)

Aligning an R&D Portfolio with Corporate Strategy
Ken F. Herfert and Michael V. Arbige

Where do they Find the Time
Roger Smith

Strategies for Driving R&D and Technology Development
Tapani Talonen and Kari Hakkarainen

Mobilizing an RD Organization through Strategy Cascading
Christoph L. Loch

Building University Relationships in China
Gene Slowinski, Albert Johnson, Edward Hummel, Bruce Story


United States Economic and Technology Policy
Industrial Research Institute

Harnessing Competencies
Roger Smith

R and D and Business Strategy
Seetharama Deevi

Keeping U.S. Industry Competitive in the Global Economy
Louis J. Lanzerotti and Arthur K. Reilly

Information Resources

Atlas of Technological Advance
Rias van Wyk, Bob Karschnia and Wayne Olson

Managing the Opportunity Portfolio
Christian Terwiesch, Karl Ulrich

July-August 2008 (Volume 51 Number 4)

Visualize your IP
Ronald P. Taylor, Paul Germeraad

Change Embrace it Dont Deny it
Preston G. Smith

Managing the Unmanageable
Peter Augsdorfer

Michael F. Wolff

Make Better Business Decisions
Paul N. Friga and Richard B. Chapas

Creative Downsizing Requires Strategic Intelligence
Michael Maccoby

Information Resources

Managing Global Design Teams
Mitali Monalisa, Tugrul Daim, Fahim Mirani, Pranabesh Dash, Rabah Khamis, Vijay Bhusari

The DNA of Industrial Competitors
Jonathan C. Ho and Chung-Shing Lee


May-June 2008 (Volume 51 Number 3)

Defogging the Crystal Ball
Michel F. Sultan, Joseph V. Mantese, Denis A. Ulicny, Andrew Brown, Jr.

Setting the Stage For Next-Generation
Peter Gwynne

To Manage Innovation Learn the Architecture
Roger Miller and Xavier Olleros

The Evolution of Innovation
Roger Smith

Customer-Driven Innovation
Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu, Sanjeev Jha, Caroline Dombrowski, Sridhar Papagari, Peter Baloh, and Jeffrey Y. Kim

Information Resources

Michael F. Wolff

The Best Scientists Are Becoming Free Agents
Patrick G. Riley and Patrick R. Buckley

Integrated Roadmaps for Open Innovation
Ulrich Lichtenthaler

Improving the Front End of Innovation with Information Technology
Steven Gordon, Monideepa Tarafdar, Robert Cook, Richard Maksimoski, Bernice Rogowitz


March-April 2008 (Volume 51 Number 2)

Maximizing Productivity in Product Innovation
Robert G. Cooper and Scott J. Edgett

Managing Complex Technology Projects
Simon P. Philbin

Michael F. Wolff

Designing Ventures That Work
Chintan M. Shah, Marc A. Zegveld and Leo Roodhart

Making Knowledge Workers More Creative
David H. Henard and M. Ann McFadyen

Hank Attempts to Delegate
W. Gale Cutler

Information Resources

Use Mistakes to Foster Innovation
Charles W. Prather

Forging Successful University-Industry Collaborations
Beth Burnside and Lou Witkin

Is There Really A Shortage Of Technical Professionals

January-February 2008 (Volume 51 Number 1)

November-December 2007 (Volume 50 Number 6)

September-October 2007 (Volume 50 Number 5)

Evaluating Radical Innovation Portfolios
Paulson, Albert S.; O'Connor, Gina Colarelli; Robeson, Daniel

University Perspective on Commercialization of IP
Martin, Michael J.

Improving the Performance of New Product Teams
Ancona, Deborah Gladstein; Caldwell, David

Information Resources

Innovation By the Side Door
Spencer, Robin W

Integrating Suppliers Into New Product Development
Handfield, Robert B.; Lawson, Benn

R&D Gets Up to Speak
Cutler, Gale

Diagnosing Risk in Radical Innovation Projects
Keizer, Jimme A.; Halman, Johannes I.M.

The Changing Role of R&D Gatekeepers
Ettlie, John E.; Elsenbach, Jörg M.

Assemble a Technology Development Toolkit
Whitney, Dwight E.


July-August 2007 (Volume 50 Number 4)

Developing Research Technology Leaders II
Michael Maccoby

Michael F. Wolff

Information Resources

What CTOs Do
Roger Smith

Managing Human Resources
Michael K. Badawy

Research Institutes Have Become Industry Partners
M. Bruce Lyne

Follow These Product Development Rules
Frederick D. Buggie

Linking Technology Acquisition to a Gated NPD Process
Laura Ca´n˜ez, Laura Puig, Rodolfo Quintero, Marisol Garfias

Working with Your CFO
Louise Mawhinney

An Inventors Personal Principles of Innovation
Paul D. Trokhan

CTO Power
John W. Medcof

May-June 2007 (Volume 50 Number 3)

Information Resources

Strategic and Technology Planning on a Roadmapping Foundation
Philip J. Whalen

Innovating the Development of Innovation
Douglass Tatum

Would You Buy a Purple Orange
Nick Nissing

Innovation Learning at BP
Chris Brown and Stephen Markham

Hank Shakes the Technical Ladder
Gale Cutler

Managing Foreign R&D in China
Maximilian von Zedtwitz, Tadashi Ikeda, Li Gong,

Outsourcing a Core Competency
Shreefal Mehta and Lois S. Peters

Michael F. Wolff

Winning Businesses in Product Development The Critical Success Factors
Robert G. Cooper and Elko J. Kleinschmidt


March-April 2007 (Volume 50 Number 2)

January-February 2007 (Volume 50 Number 1)

November-December RTM (Volume 49 Number 6)

Managing Technology Development Projects
Cooper, Robert G.

Measuring Innovation Beyond Revenue From New Products
Shapiro, Amram R.

Take the Abundance Road
Chapas, Richard B.


Creating Collaboration
Maccoby, Michael

Delivering Projects on Time
Grant, Kevin P.; Cashman, William M.; Christensen, David S.

Industrial Research Institutes 8th Annual R&D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Maximizing Return on Innovation Investment
Drake, Miles P.; Sakkab, Nabil; Jonash, Ronald

Information Resources

Modeling R&D Investments
Smith, Roger

September-October RTM (Volume 49 Number 5)

July-August 2006 (Volume 49 Number 4)

Materials Research Takes Early Retirement
Gale Cutler

The Coming Knowledge and Capability Shortage
Lynda Aiman-Smith, Paul Bergey, April R. Cantwell, and Mark Doran

Protecting Know-How and Trade Secrets in Collaborative R&D Relationships
Gene Slowinski, Edward Hummel and Robert J. Kumpf

Michael F. Wolff

Who Do You Want Leading Your Organzation
Ted Farrington

Optimizing R&D Staff Integration
Tim Merrifield

Portfolio Management at the Mexican Petroleum Institute
Laura Ca´n˜ez and Marisol Garfias

Take a Portfolio View of Cradas
J. Michael Munson and W. Austin Spivey

Information Resources

How Samsung Transformed Its Corporate R&D Center
Sangmoon Park and Youngjoon Gil


May-June 2006 (Volume 49 Number 3)

So You Want to be a Global Project Leader
Barczak, Gloria; McDonough, Edward F.; Athanassiou, Nicholas

Managing Open Innovation in Biotechnology
Fetterhoff, Terry J.; Voelkel, Dirk

Information Resources

Make Outsourcing a Core Competency
Merrifield, D. Bruce

Harnessing External Technology for Innovation
Witzeman, Stewart; Slowinski, Gene; Dirkx, Ryan; Gollob, Lawrence; Tao, John; Ward, Susan; Miraglia, Sal

Improving Federal to Private Sector Technology Transfer
Franza, Richard M.; Grant, Kevin P.

Strategies for Technology Platforms
Yang, Chyan; Jiang, Sean

R&D Knowledge is Power
Henard, David H.; McFadyen, M. Ann


Dealing With the New Diversity
Maccoby, Michael


March-April 2006 (Volume 49 Number 2)

January-February 2006 (Volume 49 Number 1

Is There a Best Way to Lead Scientists and Engineers?
Michael Maccoby

Allocating Patient Rights in Collaborative Research Agreements
Gene Slowinski and Matthew W. Sagal

Industrial Research Institutes R&D Trends Forecast for 2006
Industrial Research Institute

Michael F. Wolff

Evaluating R&D with First Bounce-Last Bounce Frameworks
Marco Guglielmi, Stéphane Lascar, Vittorio Mastrocola, and Edmund Williams

Strategic Accounting for R&D
D. Bruce Merrifield

Using Real Options Discipline for Highly Uncertain Technology Investments
Ian C. MacMillan, Alexander B. van Putten, Rita Gunther McGrath, and James D. Thompson

Hardball Innovation
George Stalk, Jr.

Information Resources

Implementing Concurrent Engineering
Nadia Bhuiyan, Vince Thomson and Donald Gerwin


November-December 2005 (Volume 48 Number 6)

Motivating Technical Professionals Today
Katz, Ralph

The Changing Nature of Innovation
Horn, Paul M.


Organizational Change for Enterprise Growth
Meyer, Marc H.; Anzani, Mark; Walsh, George

Craig Takes Crash Course in Time Management
Cutler, Gale

Information Resources

Managing Intellectual Capital
Brown, Andrew; Osborn, Twila; Chan, James M.; Jaganathan, Venkat

Formulating Optimal R&D Portfolios
Ringuest, Jeffrey L.; Graves, Samuel B.

Industrial Research Institute 7th Annual R D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institure; Whiteley, Roger, L

Americas Innovative Edge at Risk
Hicks, Diana

September-October 2005 (Volume 48 Number 5)

Chapas, Richard B.

Winning Isn't Everything
Maccoby, Michael

Limited Liability Partnerships
Merrifield, D. Bruce


When Freedom, Science and Innovation Meet
Chapas, Richard B.

The Dumb Thing About Smart Goals for Innovation
Prather, Charles W.

Innovation, Creative Destruction and Sustainability
Hart, Stuart L.

R&D Spending Patterns of Global Firms
Bowonder, B.; Racherla, J.K.; Mastakar, N.V.; Krishnan, S

Managing Drug Discovery Alliances for Success
Laroia, Gaurav; Krishnan, Shiv

Strategies for Sustainability
Placet, Marylynn; Anderson, Roger; Fowler, Kimberly M.

Building Business Value Through Sustainable Growth
Tebo, Paul V.

Why We Do R&D: A Practitioners Tale
Cannon, Peter

Information Resources

July-August 2005 (Volume 48 Number 4)

Innovation and Enterprise Growth
Meyer, Marc H.; Anzani, Mark; Walsh, George

Bringing New Hires Up to Speed
Cutler, Gale


Molecular Sieve Zeolites: An Industrial Research Success Story
Flanigen, Edith M.

You Can Innovate in Hard Times
Perel, Mel

Information Resources

Industrializing Academic Knowledge in Taiwan
Chang, Yuan-Chieh; Chen, Ming-Huei; Hua, Mingshu; Yang, Phil Y.

Making R&D Lean
Reinertsen, Donald; Shaeffer, Leland

Open Innovation in Practice
Kirschbaum, Robert

Applying the Business Excellence Model to a Research Organization
Paul Weggeman, Mathieu; Jan Groeneveld, Michiel

May-June (Volume 48 Number 3)

Outsourcing Technology
Piachaud, Bianca

Five Steps to Effective Knowledge Management
Tirpak, Thomas M.

Optimizing ROI of Time To Market Practices
Katz, Susan M.; Casey, Robert; Aiman-Smith, Lynda

Information Resources

Strategic Inventing
Nissing, Nick

What Matters to R&D Workers
Jordan, Gretchen B.


Maximizing R&D Portfolio Value
Kolisch, Rainer; Meyer, Konrad; Mohr, Roland

Understanding the People You Manage
Maccoby, Michael

What it Means to be a CTO
Cannon, Peter


March-April 2005 (Volume 48 Number 2)

Value Innovation Passport to Wealth Creation
Dillon Thomas A.; Lee Richard K.; Matheson David

Extracting Value from Intellectual Assets
Goldheim David; Slowinski Gene; Daniele Joseph; Hummel Edward; Tao John

Assessing your Organizations Potential for Value Innovation
Aiman-Smith Lynda; Goodrich Nina; Roberts David; Scinta James

Obsolescent Corporate Cultures
Merrifield, D. Bruce

Jeff Requests Time to Innovate
Cutler, Gale

Keeping Virtual R and D Teams Creative
Kratzer Jan; Leenders Roger T.h.A.J.; van Engelen Jo M.L.

Strategies and Tactics for External Corporate Venturing
Markham Stephen K.; Gentry Stuart T.; Hume David; Ramachandran Ram; Kingon Angus I.

Turn R and D Upside Down
Canner Niko; Mass Nathaniel J.


Information Resources

January-February 2005 (Volume 48 Number 1)

November-December 2004 (Volume 47 Number 6)

Industrial Research Institutes 6th Annual R&D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Managing the New Technology Exploitation Process
Bigwood, Michael P.

Benchmarking Best NPD Practices III
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.

The Power of the Context
Kay, Alan C.


Get What You Need from Technology Information Products
Porter, Alan L.; Yglesias, Elmer ; Kongthon, Alisa; Courseault, Cherie; Newman, Nils C.

Value Creation and Games of Innovation
Miller, Roger; Floricel, Serghei

Tom Confronts an Ethics Breach
Cutler, Gale

Industry Should Help Redefine the Agenda for Technology Management Education
Nambisan, Satish; Wilemon, David

Information Resources

September-October 2004 (Volume 47 Number 5)

July-August 2004 (Volume 47 Number 4)

Integrating Technology, Marketing and Management Innovation
Hwang, Ahn-Sool

Developing an Integrated Technology Management Process
Farrukh, Clare; Fraser, Peter; Hadjidakis, Dimitri; Phaal, Robert; Probert, David; Tainsh, David

Managing the Selection Process for New Product Ideas
Ozer, Muammer

Global Innovation Exchange
Moitra, Deependra; Krishnamoorthy, Mohan Babu

Maximizing the Returns from Research
Christensen, Clayton M.; Musso, Christopher S.; Anthony, Scott D.

Product Development Processes Three Vectors of Improvement
Holmes, Maurice F.; Campbell, Ronald B.

Intels Open Collaborative Model of Industry-University Research
Tennenhouse, David


When an R&D Site Closes
Grimpe, Christoph

Information Resources

Forever Offshore
Cannon, Peter

May-June 2004 (Volume 47 Number 3)

Nine New Roles for Technology Managers
MacMillan, Ian C.; Gunther McGrath, Rita

Using the Market to Determine IPs Fair Market Value
Kossovsky, Nir; Brandegee, Bear; Giordan, Judith C.

Information Resources

Human Capital Measurement
Bukowitz, Wendi R.; Williams, Ruth L.; MacTas, Edward S.

What You Should Know About Using Surveys
Aiman-Smith, Lynda; Markham, Stephen K.

Energizing a De-Energizer
Cutler, Gale

Benchmarking Best NPD Practices-II
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.

Strategic Flexibility in R&D
Raynor, Michael E.; Leroux, Ximena

Linkage, Leverage And Leadership Drive Successful Technological Innovation
Roberts, Edward B.


March-April 2004 (Volume 47 Number 2)

Putting Technology on the Road
Grossman, David S.

Technology Roadmapping for a Service Organization
Wells, Rachel; Phaal, Robert; Farrukh, Clare; Probert, David

Roadmapping for Dynamic and Uncertain Environments
Strauss, Jeffrey D.; Radnor, Michael

Finding the Right Leader
Maccoby, Michael

Leading Experts One Managers Experience
Foust, Jeff A.

Viewing the Future
Radnor, Michael; Probert, David R.


Evolution of Roadmapping at Motorola
Richey, James M.; Grinnell, Mary

Information Resources

Gales of Creative Destruction Call for Limited Partnerships
Merrifield, D. Bruce

Customizing Roadmapping
Phaal, Robert; Farrukh, Clare; Probert, David

IBM Research Ultimate Source for New Businesses
Nunes, Sharon

January-February 2004 (Volume 47 Number 1)

Work Design in R&D Time for a Change
Hirschhorn, Larry; Kulish, Dmitry; Blaylock, Elizabeth

Perspective on GE Research Development
Edelheit, Lewis S.

Outsourcing Design and Innovation
Munsch, Kenneth

Developing Novel Catalysts with Six Sigma
Rajagopalan, Raj; Francis, Michael; Suárez, Wilson

Industrial Research Institutes R&D Trends Forecast for 2004
Industrial Research Institute

Information Resources


Managing Open Innovation
Chesbrough, Henry

Repairing Damaged Work Relationships in R&D
White, Daniel

Its Time to Think Differently About R&D Assets and the CTOs Role
Giordan, Judith C.; Kossovsky, Nir

Benchmarking Best NPD Practices I
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.


November-December 2003 (Volume 46 Number 6)

Measuring R&D in 2003
Germeraad, Paul

Web-enabled Innovation in New Product Development
Farris, George F.; Hartz, Cynthia A.; Krishnamurthy, Krish; McIlvaine, Betsy; Postle, Stephen R.; Taylor, Ronald P.; Whitwell, George E.

Challenging Industry on Education
Clovis, James S.

Leading Global Product Development Teams
Barczak, Gloria; McDonough, Edward F. III

Industrial Research 5th Annual R&D Institutes Leaderboard
Information Resources

Corporate Performance and Technological Change Through Investors Eyes
Foster, Richard N.

Innovation Mentoring at Whirlpool
Cutler, Gale

Wolff, M.F.

Aligning R&D with Business Strategy
Lyne, M. Bruce

September-October 2003 (Volume 46 Number 5)

Monopoly Thinking Can Make Your R&D More Effective
Lele, Milind M.

Information Resources

To Build Trust Ethics Are Not Enough
Maccoby, Michael

Wolff, M.F.

To Manage Complex Innovation Ask the Right Questions
Kash, Don E.; Rycroft, Robert W.

Risk Adjusted Valuation of R&D Projects
Boer, F. Peter

Reorienting R&D for a Horizontal Future
Downey, Charles; Greenberg, Daniel; Kapur, Vivek

R&D in Europe State of the Enterprise
de Wit, Hans; Dearing, Andrew

How Do You Best Organize for Radical Innovation
Simon, Ethan S.; McKeough, David T.; Ayers, Alan D.; Rinehart, Ed; Alexia, Barry

Your Job is to Advance the Business
Morgan, F. Wyman


July-August 2003 (Volume 46 Number 4)

Information Resources

Pursuing Innovation in a Big Organization
Bingham, Peter

Wolff, M.F.

24-7 or Out
Cutler, Gale

The Changing Landscape of Leadership
English, Kenneth

Turn Diversity to Your Advantage
Salomon, Mary F.; Schork, Joan M.

The Chief Technology Officer Strategic Responsibilities and Relationships
Smith, Roger D.

IBM's Evolving Research Strategy
McQueeney, David F.

Purchasing Joins the NPD Team
DiBenedetto, C. Anthony; Calantone, Roger J.; VanAllen, Erik; Montoya Weiss, Mitzi M.

Sustaining Venture Creation from Industrial Laboratories
Chesbrough, Henry; Socolof, Stephen

Making Research Collaborations Succeed
Campione, Troy J.


May-June 2003 (Volume 46 Number 3)

Adapting GM Research to a New Corporate Strategy
Howell, Larry J.

Managing Project Portfolios
McDonough, Edward F. III; Spital, Francis C.

Identify Measure, Visualize Your Technology Assets
Utunen, Pekka

So You Want to Start an Innovation Effort
Hipple, Jack

Are We Neglecting the Soul of the Innovation Process
James, William M.

Three Climates for Creativity
Mauzy, Jeff; Harriman, Richard A.

The Seventh Rule Create a Learning Culture
Maccoby, Michael

Overcoming the Crunch in Resources for New Product Development
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.

Launch Your New Products Services Better Faster
Lynn, Gary S.; Akgun, Ali E.

Wolff, M.F.

Information Resources


March-April 2003 (Volume 46 Number 2)

Starting-Up Roadmapping Fast
Phaal, Robert; Farrukh, Clare; Mitchell, Rick; Probert, David

Piloting the Rocket of Radical Innovation
Stevens, Greg A.; Burley, James

Roadmapping-Agent Of Change
McMillan, Alec

Linking Technological Change To Business Needs
McCarthy, Robert C.

Roadmapping in the Corporation
Albright, Richard E.; Kappel, Thomas A

R&D Investment Trends U.S. Needs More High-Tech
Tassey, Gregory

How Six Sigma Improves R&D
Johnson, Albert; Swisher, Beth

Pete Hires a Faker
Cutler, Gale

Frontier Experiences From Industry-Academia Consortia
Probert, David; Radnor, Michael

Wolff, M.F.

Information Resources

January-February 2003 (Volume 46 Number 1)

Wolff, M.F.

Is Your Firms Tech Portfolio Aligned with its Business Strategy
Say, Terry E.; Ensing, Ingrid Morris; DeSanctis, Gerardine

Using the Internet in New Product Development
Ozer, Muammer

Better Forecasts, Better Plans, Better Results
Vanston, John H.

Linking R&D Spending to Revenue Growth
Hartmann, George C.

Information Resources

Managing the Ties Between Central R&D and Business Units
Glass, Jeffrey T.; Ensing, Ingrid Morris; DeSanctis, Gerardine

Sustainability is an Opportunity - Seize it
Chapas, Richard B.

People Solutions for R&D
Kochanski, James; Mastropolo, Paul; Ledford, Gerry

Industrial Research Institutes 4th Annual R&D Leaderboard

IRI's R&D Trends Forecast for 2003


November-December 2002 (Volume 45 Number 6)

Learning the Wrong Lessons From Enron et al
Maccoby, Michael

Exploratory Research Remains Essential for Industry
Beall, George H.

Biggest Problems Facing Technology Leaders

Moving Technologies From Lab to Market
Markham, Stephen K.

Wolff, M.F.

Information Resources

Are We Simulating Enough
Robb, Walter L.

Optimizing the Stage Gate Process What Best Practice Companies Do
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.

Leading Your Scientists and Engineers 2002
Farris, George F.; Cordero, Rene

Assessing Transition Readiness for Radical Innovation
OConnor, Gina Colarelli; Hendricks, Richard; Rice, Mark P.

Tell Your Legislator the Truth About R&D
Cannon, Peter

September-October 2002 (Volume 45 Number 5)

Tom Requests a Pledge
Cutler, Gale

Optimizing the Stage-Gate Process What Best-Practice Companies Do Part I
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.; Kleinschmidt, Elko J.

Wolff, M.F.

Crafting R&D Project Portfolios
MacMillan, Ian C.; McGrath, Rita Gunther

Supporting Strategy with Competitive Analysis
Coburn, Mathias M.; Greenwood, Daniel J.; Matteo, Martha R.

Using Patent Citation Analysis to Target Value M&A Candidates
Breitzman, Anthony; Thomas, Patrick

How to Manage Risk Better
Walwyn, David R.; Taylor, David; Brickhill, Glenn

Involve Everyone in the Innovation Process
Prather, CHarles W.; Turrell, Mark C.

Ancient Company, Innovating at the Speed of Light
Deneka, Charles W.

Information Resources

Find Your Place in the National Innovation System
Norling, Parry M.


July-August 2002 (Volume 45 Number 4)

Do you Know if you Are Trusted
Maccoby, Michael

Globalization Within The Auto Industry
Howell, Larry J.; Hsu, Jamie C.

Set the Fuzzy Front End in Concrete
Buggie, Frederick D.

Technology Outsourcing In The U.S. And Japan
Kimzey, Charles H.; Kurokawa, Sam

Wolff, M.F.

Financial Management Of RnD 2002
Boer, F.Peter

Reinventing Corporate Research
Waites, Robert

Odds Are Stacked When Science Tries To Debate Pseudoscience
Krauss, Lawrence M.

Information Resources

Product Development - Faster, On-time
Swink, Morgan


May-June 2002 (Volume 45 Number 3)

Information Resources

Rodney Spins his Project
Cutler, Gale

After the Acquisition Managing Paranoid People in Schizophrenic Organizations
Slowinski, Gene; Rafii, Zia E.; Tao, John C.; Gollob, Lawrence; Sagal, Matthew W.; Krishnamurthy, Krish

Wolff, M.F.

Corporate Courage Breaking the Barrier to Innovation
Perel, Mel

Lessons Learned about Integrating Acquisitions
Vester, John

Making Industry-University Partnerships Work
Santoro, Michael D.; Betts, Stephen C.

ABB's Funnel Project Sparks Ideas, Innovation
Das, Andrew

Learning from Productivity Learning Curves
Blancett, Robert S.

Model of Co-Development Emerges
Deck, Mark; Strom, Mark


March-April 2002 (Volume 45 Number 2)

Project Management 2002
Pinto, Jeffrey K.

Battle For The Best
Perry, Phillip M.

Wolff, M.F.

Why Do We Still Not Apply What We Know About Managing R&D Personnel
Clarke, Thomas E.

Better New Business Development At DuPont II
Karol, Robin A.; Loeser, Ross C.; Tait, Richard

Learning From Jack
Maccoby, Michael

Information Resources

Connect and Develop Complements Research and Develop at P&G
Sakkab, Nabil Y.

Six Sigma In R&D
Johnson, Albert


January-February 2002 (Volume 45 Number 1)

Information Resources

Better New Business Development At DuPont I
Karol, Robin A.; Loeser, Ross C.; Tait, Richard H.

R&D In An Eva World
Hatfield, Galen R.

Making Better Project Termination Decisions
Guan, Jiancheng; Liu, Quan; Peng, Hui

Industrial Research Institute 3rd Annual R&D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Lessons From The Fiber-Optic Meltdown
Gross, Daniel

Modeling Resource Requirements For Pharmaceutical R&D
Bunch, Paul R.; Schacht, Aaron L.

How To (Almost) Schedule Innovation
Alexander, Gregory

Industrial Research Institute R&D Trends Forecast For 2002
Industrial Research Institute

Best HR Practices For Today's Innovation Management
James, William M.

More Lessons From The Fiber-Optic Meltdown
Coates, Joseph F.

Wolff, M.F.


November-December 2001 (Volume 44 Number 6)

Gene Therapy For Tortoises
Bishop, Tony; Onassis, Iason

Mike Receives A Present
Cutler, Gale

Retaining Your Asian Talent
Perry, Phillip M.

When Scientists Or Engineers Negotiate
Hoffmann, Gunther

Evaluating Project Proposals
Wakoh, Hikoji; Collins, Steven

Wolff, M.F.

From A Twinkle In The Eye To A Blockbuster Drug
Needleman, Philip

Commercializing Discontinuous Innovations
Watts, Reid McRae

Information Resources

Get Big Enough But Not Too Big To Source Innovation
Thompson, David E.

Management For The New Millennium The Challenge Of Change
Larson, Charles F.


September-October 2001 (Volume 44 Number 5)

Wolff, M.F.

The Innovation Conversation
Webber, Alan M.; LaBarre, Polly

Information Resources

Innovation for Business Growth
Miller, Willaim L.

Financial Analysis Extends Management of R&D
Carter, Robert; Edwards, David

Manage Polarities Before They Manage You
Hirschhorn, Larry

Implementing a Corporate University Relations Program
Doody, Kevin J.

Biggest Problems Facing Technology Leaders
Industrial Research Institute

Making Sense of the Leadership Literature
Maccoby, Michael

Building a Knowledge Community at Hallmark Cards
Brailsford, Thomas W.


July-August 2001 (Volume 44 Number 4)

New Alliance Targets Funding Shortfall
Good, Mary L.

How BICC Cables Transferred a New Process Technology From R&D To Manufacturing
Malik, Khaleel

Four Ways of Thinking About R&D Management
Falkingham, Leslie T.; Reeves, Richard

Knowledge Management in Research And Development
Armbrecht, F.M. Ross Jr.; CHapas, Richard B.; Chappelow, Cecil C.; Farris, George F.; Friga, Paul N.; Hartz, Cynthia A.; McIlvaine, M. Elizabeth; Postle, Stephen R.; Whitwell, George

Wolff, M.F.

Managing Innovation at Xerox
Loutfy, Rafik; Belkhir, Lotfi

Tom Confronts Lab Rage
Cutler, Gale

Smart Organizations Perform Better
Matheson, David; Matheson, James

An Engineer Looks at Innovation
Bateman, Donald C.

Information Resources


May-June 2001 (Volume 44 Number 3)

How To Keep Me Retaining Technical Professionals
Kochanski, James; Ledford, Gerald

Product Champions - Truths Myths and Management
Markham, Stephen K.; Aiman-Smith, Lynda

Holding Your Top Talent
Perry, Phillip M.

Determining a Projects Probability of Success
Davis, John; Fusfeld, Alan; Scriven, Eric; Tritle, Gary

Market Heats Up for SE Doctorates
Finn, Michael G.

You Can Measure External Research Programs
Brenner, Merrill S.; Tao, John C.

Wolff, M.F.

Sharing Know-How at BP Amoco
Barrow, David C.

Information Resources

Knowledge Management is a Person-to-Person Enterprise
Coates, Joseph F.

Successful Leaders Employ Strategic Intelligence
Maccoby, Michael


March-April 2001 (Volume 44 Number 2)

Internet Summons Pete to Jump Ship
Cutler, Gale

Ten Ways to Shake the Corporate World
Goldman, Jacob E.

Combinatorial Analysis How Much is it Worth
Busch, John V.

Get Emotional About It
Perry, Phillip M.

How 3M Innovates for Long-Term Growth
Coyne, William E.

Information Resources

Wolff, M.F.

Ask all the Right Questions
Udell, Lawrence J.

The Changing Role of R&D
Germeraad, Paul

Providing Clarity and a Common Language to the Fuzzy Front End
Koen, Peter; Ajamian, Greg; Burkart, Robert; Clamen, Allen; Davidson, Jeffrey; D Amore, Robb; Elkins, Claudia; Herald, Kathy; Incorvia, Michael; Johnson, Albert; Karol, Robin; Seibert, Rebecca; Slavejkov, Aleksandar; Wagner, Klaus

Benchmarking Global Strategic Management of Technology
Roberts, Edward B.


January-February 2001 (Volume 44 Number 1)

Make Platform Innovation Drive Enterprise Growth
Meyer, Marc H.; Mugge, Paul C.

The New New Boss
Maccoby, Michael

Costing Innovation - Vain Search for Benchmarks
Pavitt, Keith

Optimizing University Research Collaborations
Starbuck, Elizabeth

The Tao of Innovation
Brunner, Gordon

Examining TQMs Legacies for R&D
Chatterji, Deb; Davidson, Jeffrey M.

Industrial Research Institute 2nd Annual R&D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Holding on to Your Best People
Demers, Fred

Information Resources
Industrial Research Institute

Wolff, M.F.

Right Process, Right Product
Mello, Sheila

Industrial Research Institute R&D Trends Forecast for 2001
Industrial Research Institute

November-December 2000 (Volume 43 Number 6)

Corporate R&D in the Age of E-Commerce
Lewis, Ted

Creativity and Technological Innovation in the United States
Los, Marinus

Too Slow, the IP Was Lost
Cutler, Gale

Resolving Uncertainty in R&D Portfolios
Tritle, Gary L.; Scriven, Eric F.; Fusfeld, Alan R.

Individuals, Teams and Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Campbell, Simon F.

Creativity Essential to Technological Innovation
Cutler, Leonard S.

Information Resources

Growth Strategies for the New Economy
Merrifield, D. Bruce

Intelligence plus Community Equals Creativity
West, James E.

The Role of Risk in Business Decision-Making, or How To Stop Worrying and Love the Bombs
Jarrett, E.L.

Taking an Options Approach to New Technology Development
Sheasley, W. David

Fostering Creativity in the New Millennium
Pawlak, Andrzej M.

Automating the Finding of Experts
Maybury, Mark; D'Amore, Ray; House, David

Wolff, M.F.

Creativity in the 2000s and Beyond
Dennard, Robert H.


September-October 2000 (Volume 43 Number 5)

Wolff, M.F.

Discovery of Superglue Shows Power of Pursuing the Unexplained
Coover, Harry W.

Biggest Problems Facing Technology Leaders
Industrial Research Institute

Keeping Innovation Alive After the Consultants Leave
Prather, Charles W.

R&D Spending Patterns of Global Firms
Bowonder, B.; Yadav, S.; Kumar, Sunil

Putting Competitive Technology Intelligence To Work
Norling, Parry M.; Herring, Jan P.; Rosenkrans, Wayne A. Jr.; Stellpflug, Marcia; Kaufman, Stephen

Dance With Your Collaborators
Smith, Richard; Ahmed, Mohi

Information Resources

Technology Licensing Exchanges
Bauman, Norman

Integrating R&D Organizations In a Merger and Acquisition
Slowinski, Gene; Rafii, Zia; Tao, John; Gollob, Lawrence; Krishnamurthy, Krish R.

Knowledge Management Fad or Need
Lev, Baruch

Why Should the Best Talent Work for You
Maccoby, Michael

Acquiring External Technology
Slowinski, Gene; Stanton, Susan A.; Tao, John C.; Miller, Wayne; McConnell, Donald P.


July-August 2000 (Volume 43 Number 4)

Valuation of Technology Using Real Options
Boer, F. Peter

Drug Industry Mergers Wont Necessarily Benefit R&D
Henderson, Rebecca

Assessing Technology Projects Using Real Options Reasoning
McGrath, Rita Gunther; MacMillan, Ian C.

Funding Central Research
Buderi, Robert

Developing Effective Technology Strategies
Bone, Steve; Saxon, Tim

Capturing the Option Value of R&D
Angelis, Diana I.

Wolff, Michael

Meeting the Challenge of Global Team Management
McDonough, Edward F. III; Cedrone, David

Information Resources

Martin Refuses Retirement
Cutler, W. Gale


May-June 2000 (Volume 43 Number 3)

Is Your Corporate Lab Taking Enough Risk
Robb, Walter L.

Steering Complex Innovation
Rycroft, Robert W.; Kash, Don E.

Creating Network Competence
Maccoby, Michael

Enabling Innovation The No Excuses Way
Heilmeier, George H.

Applying Cost of Innovation to Technology Planning
Bigwood, Michael

Integrate Technical, Commercial and Interpersonal Competence Across the Entire Enterprise
Manners, George E. Jr.

Effective Leaders Solve Problems
Hillier, James

Excelling in R&D
Gupta, Ashok K.; Wilemon, David; Atuahene-Gima, Kwaku

Dont Ignore Different Realities
Cannon, Peter

Learning from Lao Tzu A Leadership Primer
Frosch, Robert A

Leading R and D in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Scolnick, Edward, M.

Information Resources

Wolff, Michael

Leaders of Technological Innovation Face Continually Shifting Ground
Kantrow, Alan M.

Formulating Optimal R&D Portfolios
Graves, Samuel B.; Ringuest, Jeffrey L.; Case, Randolph H.

Leadership in Technological Innovation and Elsewhere
Schmitt, Roland, W.

Knowledge Management at BT Labs
Warren, Paul; Davies, Graham


March-April 2000 (Volume 43 Number 2)

Information Resources

Measuring Team Performance
Lynn, Gary S.; Reilly, Richard R.

Creating New Ventures from Bell Labs Technologies
Chesbrough, Henry W.; Socolof, Stephen J.

Wolff, M.F.

Design for Supportability Essential Component of New Product Development
Goffin, Keith

New Problems, New Solutions Making Portfolio Management More Effective
Cooper, Robert G.; Edgett, Scott J.

Analyzing Complex Processes with A Sociotechnical Systems Tool
Jacobs, Derya A.; Fernandez, Abel A.; Keating, Charles B.

That Patent Belongs to Us
Cutler, W. Gale

Time Wars Is There a Financial Undertow from Accelerating Technical Advance
Hicks, Donald A.


January-February 2000 (Volume 43 Number 1)

Wolff, M. F.

Industrial Research Institutes First Annual R&D Leaderboard
Industrial Research Institute

Understanding the Difference Between Management and Leadership
Maccoby, Michael

Corporations Need to Publish or Perish
McMillan, G. Steven; Hamilton, Robert D. III

Cross Functional Dynamics in New Product Development
Jassawalla, Avan R.; Sashittal, Hemant C.

Information Resources

Compensating Todays Technical Professional
Risher, Howard

Industrial R&D Strategy for the Early 21st Century
Mitchell, Graham R.

Benchmarking Your R&D Results from IRI CIMS Annual R&D Survey for FY 98
Bean, Alden S.; russo, M. Jean; Whiteley, Roger, L.

Strategic Impact of The Information Age
Chatterji, Deb

Product Innovation and Technology Strategy
Cooper, Robert G.

Industrial Research Institutes R&D Trends Forecast for 2000
Industrial Research Institute

Changing Nature of Competitive Advantage
Merrifield, Bruce D.

Managing Technological Innovation for the Next 25 Years
Foster, Richard N.


November-December 1999 (Volume 42 Number 6)

Licensing Proprietary Technology Is a Profit Opportunity, Not a Threat
Baumol, William J.

Formulating R&D Portfolios that Account for Risk
Ringuest, Jeffrey L.; Graves, Samuel B.; Case, Randolph H.

Front-End Innovation at AlliedSignal and Alcoa
Smith, Gregory R.; Herbein, William C.; Morris, Robert C.

Technology Leadership Can Pay Off
Sadowski, Michael; Roth, Aaron

E-mail with Feeling
Blake, Gary

Taking the Fuzziness Out of the Fuzzy Front End
Reinertsen, Donald G.

Ten Biggest Problems Technology Leaders Face
Industrial Research Institute

Intellectual Property in a Time of Change
Germeraad, Paul

Information Resources

R&D Spending Patterns of Global Firms
Bowonder, B.; Yadav, S.

Wolff, M. F.

You've Got Hate Mail
Cutler, W. Gale


September-October 1999 (Volume 42 Number 5)

Innovation Management in the 7th Great Epoch
Merrifield, Bruce

Information Resources

Stand in the Other Persons Shoes
Lander, Lynn

Training To Manage Across Silos
Reynes, Roberta

Speeding Development Cycles
Boggs, R.W.; Bayuk, Linda M.; McCamey, David A.

Training Technologists in Experimental Design
Cupello, James A.

Building Technology Competencies in Japanese Firms
Miyazaki, Kumiko

Rethinking Empowerment
Maccoby, Michael

Identifying New Business Opportunities
O'Brien, Thomas C.; Fadem, Terry J.

Managing Risk as Product Development Schedules Shrink
Smith, Preston G.

Wolff, M. F.


July-August 1999 (Volume 42 Number 4)

Alcoa's Technology Change Process
Smith, Gregory R.; Lederman, Frank L.; Jonash, Ronald S.

Y2K Bug Bites Pete
Cutler, W. Gale

Learning from the Best New Product Developers
Davidson, Jeffrey M.; Clamen, Allen; Karol, Robin A.

Spotting the Customer for Emerging Technologies
Friar, John H.; Balachandra, R.

Allocating R D Resources A Quantitative Aid to Management Insight
Hansen, Kent F.; Weiss, Malcomlm A.; Kwak, Sangman

Wolff, M. F.

The Product Is Dead Long Live the Product-Service
Phillips, Fred; Ochs, Lyle; Schrock, Mike

Identifying Super-Technology Industries
Medcof, John W.

Corporate Strategies in Environmental Management
Brockhoff, Klaus; Chakrabarti, Alok K.; Kirchgeorge, Manfred

Information Resources

Six Reasons To Do Long-Term Research
Hicks, Diana


May-June 1999 (Volume 42 Number 3)

Strengthening Pre College Education IRI Style
McKain, Rodger W.

Information Resources

Aligning and Prioritizing Corporate R D
Comstock, Gilbert L.; Sjolseth, Danny E.

Leading the Technology Development Process
Sheasley, W. David

How EPC Co Revamped Its NPD Process
McDonough, Edward F. III; Barczak, Gloria

Technology Transfer in Developing Nations
Olayan, Hamad B.

Personal Initiative Sparks Innovation
Frohman, Alan L.

Managing Complex Networks Key to 21st Century Innovation Success
Rycroft, Robert W.; Kash, Don E.

Wolff, M. F.

From Idea to Business How Siemens Bridges the Innovation Gap
Schepers, Jorg; Schnell, Ralf, Vroom, Pat

Building Cross Functional Capability What It Really Takes
Maccoby, Michael


March-April 1999 (Volume 42 Number 2)

How Matsushita Electric and Sony Manage Global R&D
Arimura, Sandanori

Integrating Workspace Design, Web-Based Tools and Organizational Behavior
Mort, Joe; Knapp, John

The Licensing Payoff from U.S. R&D
Degnan, Stephen A.

Hire Me
Brandt, Richard L.

Information Resources

Tom's New Recognition System Misfires
Cutler, W. Gale

Are You Satisfied with Your Technology Alliances
Zoller, Steven A.

Wolff, M. F.

Developing Technical Managers First You Need a Competency Model
Rifkin, Kenneth I.; Fineman, Michal; Ruhnke, Clara H.

What First-to-Market Companies Do Differently
Dyer, Barbara; Gupta, Ashok K.; Wilemon, David

Action-Oriented Portfolio Management
Spradlin,Thomas; Kutoloski, David M.

Evaluating R&D Performance Using the Cost Savings Metric
Dressler, Ronald; Wood, Robert S.; Alvarez, Vincent


January-February 1999 (Volume 42 Number 1)

Wolff, M. F.

Opportunities and Consequences in Science and Technology
Coates, Joseph F.

Planning Norandas Future
Pratt, Courtney

Culture, Capital and Communications
Westmacott, Terence I.

Industrial Research Institutes R&D Trends Forecast for 1999
Industrial Research Institute

Technology in the Coming Century
Penzias, Arno, A.

Find Young Leaders or Lose Them
Maccoby, Michael

Information Resources

Information Technology Will Change Everything
Horn, Paul M.

Forecasting Information Technology
Lucky, Robert W. ; Coates, Joseph F.

Dangerous Crossroads, or How To Avoid Collisions with Finance
Cannon, Peter

Benchmarking Your R&D Results from IRI CIMS Annual R&D Survey for FY 97
Bean, Alden S.; Einolf, Karl; Russo, M. Jean


November-December 1998 (Volume 41 Number 6)

Weaving Advanced Manufacturing Technology into the Fabric of the Business
Kanet, John J.

Industrial R&D in 2008
Larson, Charles F.

Leading R&D How Much Progress in 10 Years
Szakonyi, Robert

The US Engineers Shortage How Real
Gover, James; Huray, Paul G.

This Company Doesn't Brake for (Sacred) Cows
Beardsley, David

How Avery Dennison Manages Its Intellectual Assets
Germeraad, Paul B.; Morrison, Lorraine

Using the IRI CIMS R&D Database
Whiteley, Roger L.; Bean, Alden S.; Russo, M. Jean

Tom Breaks His Promise
Cutler, W. Gale

The Department of Energy Superconductivity Initiative
Merrifield, D. Bruce; Evan, William M.

Information Resources

Wolff, M. F.

Measuring R&D Productivity
Brown, Mark G.; Svenson, Raynold A.