About Search and Browse on iriweb.org

IRI’s new collaborative space, www.iriweb.org offers a simple yet effective user experience.  New functions create more value and help you drive innovation within your own organization.  Finding content you are looking for is easy now and you have the ability to take action on the content in the form of collaboration.

Browse by Topic

We’ve taken the work out of your search by pre-populating search results!  Browse by Topic, located in the Library section, allows users to select a topic of interest and view the most relevant and recent documents in IRI’s library.  Look to the right of these results and see that we’ve even posted other documents we think will be of interest.


The main search, located at the top right hand corner of each page, is powered by Vivisimo’s Velocity search application.  Search by keyword and easily find documents you are looking for in the top results. Unique clustering technology employed in this search application allows users to see similar content.   The search categorizes and integrates results automatically.

Collaboration & Social Search

How do you make sense of the information you collected?  What does this mean for you?
Now you can build upon knowledge stored in the Library and share and disseminate knowledge with IRI members with the following capabilities:

Voting & Rating

The Voting and Rating capabilities allow users to rank the information found in their search results. Was this helpful?  Subsequent search users will be able to view what you think is most helpful or useful. 

Keyword Tagging

IRI has entered keywords in documents already to facilitate the search results.  Is there something that we’ve missed that is important to your research?  Users have the ability to tag documents to define concepts most important. Other users will see this information in both the ranking and display results


Users have the ability to add additional information or add commentary to a search result.  By adding comments you can improve the search relevancy and more importantly, communicate information to one another.

Adding More Value & Delivering More Content

New content and archived materials continue to be uploaded to our online Library.  Additional Search capabilities coming soon include:

  •  Save/Export – Users will have the ability to save and export their search results to return to at a later date
  •  Alerts – Ability to become notified when new material is posted with your desired topic of interest.