RTM Current Issue

Volume 60, Issue 3, May-June 2017

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From the Editor
Fun and Challenge
James Eucher


Feature Article
The Role of Leadership in Innovation
Richard Dodge, Johanna Dwyer, Stewart Witzeman, Susan Neylong, Sylvester Taylor


Feature Article
Creating and Capturing Value Through Sustainability: The Sustainable Value Analysis Tool
Miying Yang, Doroteya Vladimirova, Steve Evans


Feature Article
Avoiding the Pitfalls of Reverse Innovation: Lessons Learned from Essilor
Marine Hadengue, Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin, Max von Zedtwitz, Thierry Warin


Feature Article
Creating Competitive Advantage from Services: A Design Thinking Case Study from the Commodities Industry
Christine Rau, Anna Zbiek, Julia M. Jones


Bright future for renewables is good news for climate change.....other news
MaryAnne Gobble


What Managers Need to Know About Big Data
Foster Provostl and Jim Euchner


Research Note
Exploring the Principles of R&D Leadership with Award-Winning R&D Leaders
Louis Gritzo, Alan Fusfeld, Daniel Carpenter


Future Praxis
Activating Innovation Using Foresight Tools
Christian Crews


Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid
MaryAnne Gobble


Innovation C-Scape
Becoming a Prolific Inventor
Paul Sandstrom