2018 Spring Networks Conference

Monday March 05, 2018Wednesday March 07, 2018
2018 Spring Networks Conference
March 5-7, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Location: Brown Palace Hotel & Spa
321 17th Street
Denver, CO 80202
Early bird registration is now open! Reserve your spot before January 22, 2018 to receive an $80 discount!
Member early-bird registration: $595 (increases to $675 after January 22)
Non-member early bird registration: $695 (increases to $775 after January 22)


and email it to Mallory Smith (smith@iriweb.org), or fax it to 703-647-2581
Join innovation professionals from more than 70 companies as they explore hot topics in R&D. This program features agendas created by its members, with exciting topics explored through peer presentations, guest speakers, roundtable discussions, and workshops. It’s a great opportunity to learn, advise, and network! In addition to engaging breakout sessions, attendees will also get to hear from some of Colorado’s leading innovators and participate in a field trip to explore some of Denver’s unique industries. The Networks have been ranked as one of IRI’s most valuable programs; come to Denver and see for yourself!

Here’s a sneak peek of the topics on each Network’s agenda:

External Technology Network

The Do’s and Don’ts of NDAs (with NBDN)
When to Make and When to Buy Technology (with ILN)
Best Practices for Working with Small Businesses
Engaging and Supporting University Partnerships
Engaging Outside of R&D: The Art of Storytelling and Selling Internally (with ILN and NBDN)

Human Resources Network

Developing Your HR Strategy
How R&D Careers are Changing
The New Workforce Reality: The Millennial Generation (with ILN)
Roundtable: Revising Hiring Structures
Building Strong Talent Recruitment Programs to Compete
Career Agility: The New Paradigm

Information Services/Information Technology

What Should IP Security Look Like in the Organization?
Data Visualization
Creating Business Cases
What to Expect as You to Move to Cloud
Recruiting and Retaining Technical Talent
Future Horizons
Technology Demonstration: Cloudera

Innovation Leaders Network

Metrics to Tracking and Driving Early-Stage Innovation
The New Workforce Reality: The Millennial Generation (with HRN)
Engaging Outside of R&D: The Art of Storytelling and Selling Internally (with ETN and NBDN)
Driving Market-Backed Innovation (with NBDN)
Identifying and Planning for Risk Mitigation
When to Make, When to Buy Technology
Regional Spotlight: Colorado Innovators

Intellectual Assets Management Network

Aligning IP and Business Strategies
Strategic Use of Defensive Patents, Publications, and Industry Memberships
Developing and Focusing Inventors on Core IP
Best Practices for Licensing IP
Creating Metrics and Measurements that Track and Show Value
Implementing Key Tools and Processes to Improve Function
New Business Development Network
Lean and Agile Development Cycles
Capabilities of Emerging Technologies
Engaging Outside of R&D: The Art of Storytelling and Selling Internally (with ETN and ILN)
Company Presentations
Business Model Innovation: Cross-Funcationality


For more information about the Networks Program, please contact: Mallory Smith, VP of Events and Networks, at (703)-647-2600 or smith@iriweb.org