Pre Conference Workshop: Lessons for Servitization for Manufacturers

Led by Jim Euchner, Aston University
Pre Annual Conference Workshop
Monday April 29, 2019 8:00am12:00pm
Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown

The Aston Skills for Servitization course is designed to help manufacturing companies understand the potential for moving from a product-led to a services-led business model. It is based on over a decade of research at Aston University on advanced services. We will introduce frameworks for thinking about advanced services and use interactive exercises to help participants think through the strategic and tactical issues for their corporations.

The specific learning objectives are:

  1. Provide participants with concepts, models and frameworks for assessing advanced services as a growth strategy
  2. Understand common customer value propositions for advanced services
  3. Understand the servitization ladder of business models
  4. Help participants identify those businesses and segments with the greatest potential to benefit from advanced services
  5. Identify typical paths to servitization