Information for Prospective Members

"Being a member of the IRI community and benefitting from the collaborative opportunities the organization provides has been invaluable in helping us develop sound ways to accelerate innovative and cost-effective property risk solutions that prevent loss and that facility owners, risk managers, and insurance buyers can really use."

 Louis Gritzo, Vice President & Manager of Research, FM Global

Why Join IRI?

Interested in benchmarking best practices for technology management? Concerned with keeping the innovation pipeline full and aligning your R&D portfolio with corporate strategy?  Looking to identify and leverage trends in the market that will provide new business opportunities? 

You’ve come to the right place. IRI is the only association of companies and federal laboratories uniting innovation leaders from diverse industries and across all R&D functions to share and exchange knowledge on improving your organization’s technology management capabilities.

The ROI of Membership

Let us help you stay connected to the most relevant network of professionals leading innovation and managing technology today.  Tools, resources, and programs are developed by R&D practitioners, for R&D practitioners.

Contact our Membership Team today to learn how membership in IRI can assist you in your day-to-day innovation challenges and long–term business growth.   

Seek, Share, Learn, Create

Give your organization not only the best connections in industry but outstanding value in the form of:

  • Benchmarking on the best technology management practices
  • Opportunities to connect across R&D functions – from CTO to Finance, to HR and more
  • Access to a diverse community willing to collaborate and exchange resources for mutual problem solving
  • Current published and unpublished information on R&D and innovation improvement processes
  • Interaction with thought leaders in industry, academia and government facilities
  • Access to R&D and innovation leaders all over the world on matters related to the globalization of technology