2018 Springboard Conference

Tuesday October 23, 2018Wednesday October 24, 2018
Research Triangle Park, NC

“Smart and Intelligent systems will change the way business is done. Are you ready?”

SPRING (Sourcing PRedictive Insights for New Growth) created by IRI in collaboration with RTI International explores trends impacting innovation management. In its first year, SPRING participants will explore trends related to smart and intelligent systems. SPRING will help you: 

  1. Learn. Immerse yourself in curated content and experiences that will bring to life our smart and intelligent future. 
  2. Focus. Get tools to identify threats and opportunities that may emerge for you as a result of these trends. 
  3. Act. Shape your innovation and business strategy to prepare for long-term success. 

Join RTI experts on their research journey. Together you’ll examine the technologies driving this macro trend, meet the innovators creating this intelligent future, and explore the ways companies can incorporate this foresight into their innovation and business strategy.

Upcoming SPRING Events

March 9-12, Austin, TX

SPRING Launch Webinar
March 16, 12:00 - 1:00 pm


The SPRING program will culminate in the SPRINGBOARD conference at RTI on October 23rd and 24th, 2018 where participants will share key insights from our research journey, hear from key thought leaders, discuss the implications of trends with peers, and investigate how these emerging trends are likely to impact their business.

Unlike other programs, which independently conduct research and produce a report, the SPRING program invites IRI members to learn alongside us.  Come, sit in on our interviews with thought leaders. Travel with us on field trips to see these trends in the wild. Network with the startups we meet and build relationships with peers facing similar challenges. 

It’s easy to sign up to be part of the SPRING community and start receiving exclusive program content. Just email Lee Green.