Research - Mass Customization

January 2016 - October 2017

ROR Stage: project work

Value Proposition

This research effort is focused on the product design implications of mass customization on manufacturers/producers.  Customer demand for individually configured and customized products is on the rise across all industries.  Companies are faced with the challenge of maintaining cost and quality while producing customized products with heightened response to individual customer needs.  This project will use a breadth of approaches and maturity of IRI members (and beyond) to determine best practices that achieve design for customization while identifying common pitfalls.

The objective of the project is to understand the design implications of mass customization on manufacturers/producers by answering the following questions:

  • How do manufacturers/producers set up the architecture/platform to achieve effective mass customization?
  • How do we develop a robust, yet flexible, architecture that accommodates the evolution of the product line?
  • What are best practices and constraints/inhibitors in executing modularity and reducing complexity - balancing an optimized product?

Get Involved

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Charlie Wartgow - Harley Davidson
Mark Zhuravel - TCS
Core Team
Mike Alstrin - Harley Davidson
Kent Crawford - Schneider Electric
Cole Harris - Harley Davidson
Pushpa Manukonda - John Deere 
Vance Strader - Harley Davidson
Rob Williams - Boeing
Subject Matter Expert
Tim Simpson - Penn State