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Research-Technology Management is the award-winning, bi-monthly journal of Innovation Research Interchange (IRI), published since 1958. It contains peer-reviewed articles covering the entire spectrum of technological innovation, from research and development through product development to marketing. RTM is a leading source of knowledge and best practices on innovation management for leaders of research, development, and engineering worldwide. RTM Online is available to subscribers only. 

In January 2016 IRI is announced a new publishing partnership between Research-Technology Management and Routledge, a part of the Taylor and Francis Group.

Routledge will be publishing and distributing RTM as well as managing subscriptions. This partnership is a positive step for both parties, creating more exposure for RTM and adding a significant and leading title to Routledge’s business portfolio.

IRI retains complete control of the editorial content.  RTM will continue to deliver the valuable, high quality content that you are used to receiving. We especially thank you, our loyal readers and members, for your continued support of Research-Technology Management and our initiatives to grow both readership and our online presence.

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Sunday November 01, 1981 11:00am
The statistics for successful investment in R&D are not very impressive. Perhaps one of twenty major projects that starts out in the laboratory has produced a positive cash flow, even though the...
Friday January 01, 1982 11:00am
I plead guilty to a certain amount of envy toward such companies as 3M and Texas Instruments, where entrepreneurship is a way of corporate life. It has permeated their company culture through all...
Thursday September 01, 1983 11:00am
Over the years, we have found that research managers list "motivation" as the most perplexing requirement of the managerial role. This observation is true in many management situations. Motivation is...