Innovators Summit 2023:

AI and Sustainability as Catalysts for Innovation

Learn how manufacturers can accelerate innovation by leveraging new AI tools and the opportunities presented by sustainability targets and initiatives. Come together with peers and industry experts at the Innovators Summit. You’ll explore practical applications for AI, aspirational best practices, strategies to achieve sustainability targets, and more.

Plus, you won’t want to miss popular activities, like our Tech Treks to the Georgia Tech AI in Manufacturing Center and small group meetings with our inspiring keynotes, Safi Bahcall, author of Loonshots, and Nabil Nasr, founder of the REMADE Institute.

Featured Content

Connect with innovation peers as you explore timely topics during keynotes, case studies, breakout sessions, networking events, and more.

  • AI for business model innovation
  • Sustainability metrics
  • AI for portfolio management
  • Adaptive R&D structure
  • Sustainability and agile
  • Innovation catalysts