Accessing External Technology

(Identify the most successful practices of technology-intensive firms and provide recommendations for adoption)

A Holland-Award-winning paper was published on this topic in RTM during 1996.  The paper was based on a working group created from an IRI Roundtable Meeting in 1994. Building on this paper, and in collaboration with the IRI External Research Directors Network, directors of external technology in 22 IRI member companies were interviewed to: identify the most successful processes and techniques being used to establish their internal technology needs; to identify the external technology to fill those needs; to evaluate the technology for its quality and robustness; to access the technology through agreements; and to integrate it into their internal portfolios. The most successful programs were found to be those in which technology is valued by the business and where decisions to invest in technology are made by a senior-level, cross-functional team. Details were published in RTM during 2000.