Achievement Award

l to r:  Dr. Dan Abramowicz, IRI Chairmain; Chuck Hull,  Avi Reichental, CEO 3D Systems
The 2015 IRI Achievement Award was presented to Charles "Chuck" Hull, CTO, 3D Systems. 


The IRI Achievement Award, established in 1973, is given to honor outstanding accomplishment in individual creativity and innovation that contribute broadly to the development of industry and to the benefit of society.  This award is presented during IRI's Annual Meeting. Nominate an industry leader.

Past Recipients

William F. Gresham (1974) William G. Pfann (1975) Maurice R. Hilleman (1976) LeGrand Van Uitert (1977) Robert H. Wentoff, Jr. (1978) Frank B. Colton (1979) Stanley D. Stookey (1980) Andrew H. Bobeck (1981) Robert N. Noyce (1982) Herbert W. Boyer (1983) John W. Backus (1984) Allan S. Hay (1985) John E. Franz (1986) Robert D. Maurer (1987) Howard G. Rogers (1988) Alfred Yi Cho (1989) Robert H. Dennard (1990) Leonard S. Cutler (1991) Victor Mills (1992) Richard H. Frenkiel (1993) Marvin M. Johnson (1994) Marinus Los (1995) Andrzej M. Pawlak (1996) Stephanie L. Kwolek (1997) Simon F. Campbell (1998) James E. West (1999) Harry W. Coover (2000) C. Don Bateman (2001) George H. Beall (2002) Madan M. Bhasin (2003) Edith M. Flanigan (2004) Dennis M. Richie ( 2005) Paul D. Trokhan ( 2006) Rakesh Agrawal (2007) Dean L. Kamen (2008) Ashok J. Joshi (2009) Linden Blue (2010) Richard Hayes (2011) John J. Curro (2012) Charles "Chuck" Hull (2015)

Tan Le (2018)