2017 Annual Meeting - Opening Keynote: Adaptive Innovation

Dr. Jackson shares his perspective on how external collaboration, crowdsourcing, and startup incubation can play a significant role in dramatic future aerospace and defense capabilities. Lockheed Martin is fostering a resilient innovation culture that embraces and addresses the plethora of relevant technologies available in the broader S&T universe. Participants learn about Lockheed Martin’s “adaptive innovation” model including the following practices:

• Focused Customer Partnering: Joint operations analysis and wargaming with key customers illuminate emerging needs, identify the most promising technologies for mission capabilities, and develop new concepts of operations. 
• Transformational R&D: Projects focused on long-term and transformational capabilities take full advantage of the science and technology ecosystem, including leading-edge initiatives at top research universities.
• Global Technology Scouting: Technology scouts look for innovations to improve products, foster sustainability and reduce environmental impact. Lockheed Martin’s newest R&D center in Australia is taking advantage of vibrant innovation in the Asia-Pacific region.
• Lockheed Martin Ventures: A $100M venture fund focusing on start-up innovation and strategic access to technologies rather than purely financial returns. The fund’s primary areas of interest include artificial intelligence, autonomy and data analytics.
• Open Entrepreneurial Challenges: Posing hard problems for both “intrapreneurs” and small external companies to respond to and collaborate with the world leaders in aerospace platform design and production.