2018 Annual Conference - Perspectives in Strategic Foresight, Part 2: Horizon Scanning Methods to Detect Emerging Technology

Breakout Session

Horizon scanning to identify important rising technologies and trends is a critical need for organizations. Companies must understand what will disrupt their product portfolios to develop new products and to remain competitive. Human expert analysis and the Delphi approach are established approaches but are time consuming and inherent with bias. Many new data analysis tools are coming on the market. Using them appropriately, however, require a deep understanding of datasets and how their inherent biases may undermine methods and alter results. Humans are still needed to infer very rich, complex dynamics from very limited datasets. “Disruption” is highly dependent on the organization, their industry, and stakeholder needs. Gain a baseline understanding of horizon scanning and methods through a combination of discussion and case study worksheets. Learn the best approaches for your own organizations.