2018 SPRINGBOARD - Navigating Technological Disruption in One of the World's Oldest Industries

While translation is a service steeped in thousands of years of history, today’s successful language service provider needs to be in a near constant state of accessing potentially disruptive technologies and market trends. The application of intelligent systems to the entire translation process, most obvious in the recent advances in Neural Machine Translation, is already expanding the way we think about translation and is challenging some of the most established ways of providing language services. Active foresighting on the part of Lionbridge Technologies, a leading translation provider, has allowed the company to adapt its processes to these profound technological changes and update and expand its service offering to reflect a swiftly evolving market. The speaker will provide a brief background on the development of Neural Machine Translation, and discuss the company’s present state of leveraging emerging technologies, where it sees the industry going in the next five to seven years, and how the company plans to thrive amid disruption.

Presented by Jay Marciano, Lionbridge Technologies