2018 SPRINGBOARD - Swarm Intelligence: A Future for Human-AI Collaboration

The field of Artificial Intelligence is broad and varied. There are a wide variety of systems, applications, methodologies, and even philosophies influencing, not only the development of the technology, but the very approaches by which the challenge is being tackled. In the near-term, much of the focus has been on the development of systems that are independent of humans and collaboration is largely seen in the context of the teaming of two separate parties, human and technology, to address specific tasks. In today’s talk, we will introduce a unique approach to AI, called Artificial Swarm Intelligence, that is grounded in systems found among insects and animals. We will explore the real-world benefits and potential of Artificial Swarm Intelligence to amplify the intelligence of human groups through direct collaboration of man and technology.

Presented by David Baltaxe, CEO, Unanimous AI