2019 Digital Futures - Day 1 Afternoon Plenary: Digital Value Creation

Making Digital Transformation a Reality – Michelin Case Study

The Digital Futures conference will explore and envision many aspects of what it means to become a digital organization, but making the transformation is challenging. This session will breakdown what it takes to manage the “transformation” part of digital transformation and bring it to life with a case study. Using a digital evolution assessment (DEA) framework RTI Innovation Advisors will share how the 130-year-old global tire company Michelin made its own digital transformation journey a reality. RTI will share its DEA framework to help you organize a holistic and successful digital transformation for your organization.

Logged in IRI members can view & download presentation slides here: https://www.pathlms.com/iri-learningcenter/events/1706/event_sections/11321/slide_presentations/146245