Annual Meeting 2011 - The New "Hows" of Innovation

The New "Hows" of Innovation
Pamela Henderson, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, NewEdge, Inc.
Miles Eddowes, PhD, Associate Director, Open Innovation, Kraft Foods 
Robert Godfroid, PhD, Director, Advanced Research PepsiCo 
Join this interactive session to explore specific examples of what companies are doing to transform how they innovate. Dr. Henderson presents “Opportunity Cartography”: seeing and mapping new opportunities; new approaches to creatively discover opportunities for innovation. 
Dr. Eddowes shares how Open Innovation evolved when Kraft Foods acquired Cadbury; highlighting the original differences in the ways of working, organizational structures and culture and what it has taken to ensure that the new Kraft has not just kept the best of both but strived to be better than both. Dr. Godfroid reviews the mission, goals, and hurdles of Pepsico Advanced Research; providing insight into this relatively new organization and its evolving approach to drive innovation throughout Pepsico.