Annual Meeting 2011 - Strategies for Building Data-Driven Insight

What Information Networks Reveal About Productivity: Strategies for Building Data-Driven Insight
Jacomo Corbo, PhD, Partner, EVP Analytics, QuantumBlack 
Measuring productivity remains a notoriously difficult problem in R&D. Feedback on the progress of projects and the performance of workers is scant, highly uncertain, and collected either too infrequently or too slowly. Yet such information is indispensable to the efficient allocation of resources to innovation projects. These challenges are all the more acute for companies involved in complex product innovation, where performance hinges critically on an organization's capacity to constantly and consistently innovate.

Learn how organizational productivity and project performance can be ascertained and forecasted principally from social network information; how such estimates and forecasts provide a near real-time picture of the health of an R&D organization. Corbo presents how these methods have been applied to monitor and forecast aerodynamic development in Formula One (F1) teams.