Annual Meeting 2011 - Transforming Industry

Transforming Industry
Uma Chowdhry, PhD, Senior Vice President, Chief Science & Technology Officer, DuPont (retired)

The 20th century has witnessed major transformations in industry to create solutions that have enhanced the quality of life for many. In today’s flat, multi-polar world, we are witnessing unprecedented change as population increases, along with the rising expectations of a growing middle class in developing economies around the world. Today, industries are transforming in response to the realities of a world facing complex economic, social and environmental challenges. The issues of food security, energy security, personal security and climate change loom large before us. These megatrends along with the insatiable appetite for seamless global communication, create market needs that present R&D management with transformational opportunities. Optimism grows as recent advances in genetic engineering, cellular biology, computing power, and nanotechnology, open a new world of possibilities when integrated with the traditional scientific disciplines.