Annual Meeting 2012 - Building a Global Technology Platform

Building a Global Technology Platform
John Curro, PhD, Victor Mills Fellow, Procter and Gamble Company

All successful companies have demonstrated competency in creating sustainable competitive advantage. The larger the company, and the more diverse the product lines, the stronger the incentive to discover technologies which have the potential to reap benefits far beyond their original purpose for being; to grow from an important but singular solution into a technology platform, capable of spawning future solutions across a range problems not yet even contemplated. How does such a development begin? The author will relate his experiences of one such technology platform development, told from his point of view of the “non-manager innovator.” The history of such a development has many milestone learnings: Some are funny, some surprising, some poignant, and some provocative. But viewed with the clarity of hindsight, these experiences offer reminders of the inherent non-linear paths in the development of innovative solutions, and examples of fundamental principles believed timeless for future success.