Annual Meeting 2012 - Human Energy: How Chevron Differentiates Performance

Human Energy: How Chevron Differentiates Performance Through Technology
John McDonald, Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Chevron 

Technology plays a pivotal role in providing growing economies with heat, electricity and mobility. This is no small task: worldwide demand for energy is projected to grow about 40 percent over the next 20 years, with energy supplies coming from many sources, including oil and gas, most of which is located in highly complex geologies thousands of feet under the Earth’s surface. As a global energy corporation, Chevron has a unique approach to technology innovation, shaped by its culture and involvement in the entire energy value chain – exploration, development and production, shipping, product refining and marketing, petrochemicals, power, energy efficiency and renewables. John McDonald, Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, offers a look at how Chevron develops and applies a combination of proprietary in-house research, strategic partnerships and venture capital investments throughout this value chain worldwide – and how this approach might apply to other industries – to drive both the front-end innovation and large-scale technology commercialization that support global development and economic growth.