Annual Meeting 2012 - Lessons Learned from Selection of EBAs

Lessons Learned from Selection and Execution of Emerging Business Areas
Robert Kirschbaum, Vice President Open Innovation, Royal DSM

The Dutch company Royal DSM has changed its business portfolio remarkably during the last 10~15 years. The creation of a DSMInnovation Center coupled with the Emerging Business Areas (EBAs) program critically impacted that change process and provided strong long-term growth platforms.
Learn why and how such EBAs were created and which actions were taken to apply Open Innovation particularly in the fuzzy front end of the innovation process. Successful execution practices included the introduction of a new Portfolio analysis tool, followed by a tough selection process. 
Highlights of DSM’s Corporate Strategy Dialogues are shared with attendees along with the resulting actions taken to further globalize DSM. Gain a clear picture of how DSM’s long-term financial commitment and willingness to apply new business models have proven to be stimulating drivers for the entire DSM organization.