Annual Meeting 2012 - Organize to Accelerate Innovation

Organize to Accelerate Innovation & New Product Introduction to Drive Profitable Growth Across the Globe
Hari Harikumar, PhD, VP Engineering & Technology, Ingersoll Rand 

Ingersoll Rand is a ~ 14 Billion global business focused on creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments in commercial, residential and industrial markets.
This session explores:
•    Decision making in a global organization: Global leverage balanced with local empowerment
•    Product architecture: Global platforms with locally competitive portfolio of products
•    Technology Stewardship: Internal and external “Networks of Excellence” on core and emerging technologies
•    Market Insight: Understanding unmet customer needs and identifying future platforms
•    Ideation: Engaging internal and external “open Innovation” partners to ideate on technology, business models, and channel strategies to cater to unmet needs.