Annual Meeting 2012 - Outsourcing of Non-core Activities - Panel

Can Outsourcing of Non-core Activities Really Help in Driving Innovation & Growth? - Panel Discussion

Martha Collins, PhD, Director, Global Technology Centers, Air Products 
Max Lewis, Vice President, Global Innovation, Sherwin-Williams
Scott Smith, PhD, Director of Physical Chemistry, Allergan

It has been long established that outsourcing of a variety of business process and support functions can be a powerful tool to improve operational efficiency and realize short and long term savings for many businesses, but how can it help drive new product innovation and growth?

By drawing upon case histories and lessons learnt across a range of industries, this panel will examine how outsourcing of non-core functions in scientific, technical and quality functions can best be applied to accelerate innovation and new product introduction. It will ask which processes could be considered in scope and which should be left alone and for those in scope, how should the process and business model be best applied? It will discuss the importance of understanding your drivers, setting clear and realizable objectives from the process; the spectrum of what those goals could be and then how best to deliver them.