Annual Meeting 2012 - Sustainability Maturity Models

Sustainability Maturity Models

Until recently the bottom line of financial reports was the overriding measure of a company’s success. Now it is the triple bottom line: People, Planet, and Profits.

Join this session as the group unveils its sustainability tool. Be among the first companies to use the tool and help move your organization beyond compliance to make sustainability a competitive advantage in the marketplace. 

This working group has identified the key elements of a sustainability innovation program and applied the Beginning-Improving-Succeeding-Leading model to develop a best-in-class path using best practice benchmarks from industry.

Team Members: Jeff Hynds, Ingersoll Rand; John Taylor, Schneider Electric; Sue Burek, Ingersoll Rand; Walter Jager, Intertek; Virginia Brandt, Energizer (mentor); Larry Schwartz, Intellectual Assets (SME); Peter Knox, EcoChem Strategies (SME)