Annual Meeting 2012 - Turbo for Innovation

Turbo for Innovation
Mathieu Mottrie, CEO, CREAX Projects 
CREAX stimulates the human creativity and supports the innovation process of companies through out of the box thinking and cross domain technology transfer.

Over the past 12 years, CREAX developed a unique methodology for systematic innovation which proves its efficiency in various projects for market leaders and innovation driven companies. The main philosophy is that someone already solved your problem. In today’s knowledge economy, knowledge is abundant and accessible. By transferring ideas, solutions and technologies across industries and domains, CREAX matches its external view on technology with the industry specific knowledge of the client. Not new, but new for you, that’s what efficient innovation comes down to.
The CREAX approach results in a turbo for innovation: proven solutions are implemented in a fast way, resulting in a much more efficient use of R&D resources and/or a substantial reduction of R&D budget and risks.