Annual Meeting 2012- Under Served Segments in Emerging Markets - Panel

Innovating for Under Served Segments in Emerging Markets - Panel

Venkatesh Valluri, President, Ingersoll Rand India 
Paparao Kodali, Vice President & General Manager, Ingersoll Rand Engineering and Technology Centers
MB Sarkar, PhD, Professor of Strategy & Innovation & Stauffer Research Fellow, Fox School of Business, Temple University 
Developing products, services and business models for under-served markets in emerging countries is becoming an issue of strategic importance to the modern multinational. Such efforts are not only resulting in ‘reverse innovation,’ but also, and possibly more importantly, helping companies develop next generation capabilities and resources that are going to be critical to competitive advantage. In other words, these initiatives not only have the potential to disrupt more developed markets in the West, but are also helping the multinational in its strategic renewal. However, this process is not well explored, and even less understood. Learn first-hand of the opportunities and challenges associated with such initiatives from the experiences of leading multinational corporations and frameworks to facilitate your decision-making.