Annual Meeting 2013 - Creating & Implementing Breakthrough Technologiesl

IRI Diamond Jubilee
Creating & Implementing Breakthrough Technologies

Dr. Robert S. Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Several different case studies in the areas of drug delivery, medical devices and biotherapeutics will be discussed. Each study will be examined in terms of the process and excitement of discovery, initial resistance by the scientific community to the discovery in some cases, the way very broad patents were received, how the technologies were transferred to companies, and the way they have been or are trying to be commercialized.

Dr. Langer is a widely recognized and cited researcher and is being honored for his outstanding contributions in the field of bioscience, turning discoveries made in the laboratory into a range of drugs and drug delivery systems, transferring scientific discoveries to commercial market, and ultimately improving the health of millions of people worldwide.