Annual Meeting 2013 - Evolution of IRI

IRI Diamond Jubilee
Evolution of IRI

Ross Armbrecht, Executive Director, Delaware Foundation for Science and Mathematics Education
Edward Bernstein, President, Industrial Research Institute
Charles Larson, President, Innovation Research International

Three Presidents have helped lead the Industrial Research Institute since 1975. This presentation looks at: the creation and history of IRI; the corresponding changes in innovation leadership over the past 75 years; and, what the future will bring. Charles “Chuck” Larson (IRI President 1975 – 2001) starts off with a look at the growth of industrial research and development and the early need for an organization to help cultivate the nascent field of R&D management. Chuck recalls the major developments of IRI as an organization and our evolution as industry’s voice in R&D policy. Ross Armbrecht (2001 – 2005) discusses the changes in industry, R&D leadership and in IRI in the first part of the 21st century. Edward Bernstein (2005 - present) explains IRI’s current position statement on U.S. Economic and Technology Policy, our current role in the global environment and a provides a glimpse into IRI’s upcoming research and events.