Annual Meeting 2013 - Generational Differences in R&D Leadership

IRI Diamond Jubilee
Generational Differences in R&D Leadership Expectations
ROR Stage: 3-Hour ROR (data gathered, information analyzed, and conclusions disseminated at Jubilee) 

This ROR will compare and contrast the leadership expectations of current leaders and emerging leaders. The specific dimensions of leadership to be investigated are the leadership styles and skillsets necessary for leading a research and development organization fifteen years from today. This gap analysis will bring to light any differences in expectations with regard to leadership competencies across generations. The work product will enable current and emerging leaders to better understand each other’s visions, align expectations, engage in more fruitful professional development activities, and better position R&D organizations for leadership transitions. Adding to the excitement is the 3-hour structure of this project. In a 3-hour ROR, data is collected, information is analyzed, and conclusions are disseminated all in one meeting, providing a rewarding experience that delivers immediate value in a targeted subject area. 

Attendees should plan to attend one of the two 90-minute sessions. Participants will be the first to hear the conclusions from the Generational Differences survey (April, 2013), and will work with colleagues to identify perspectives for leading technical teams and functional groups within R&D organizations in 2028, “What must other generations know about leadership?” and “What would you like to know most from other generations about leadership perspectives?” 

Team Members: Sam Deutsch, ExxonMobil Downstream; Dawn Mason, Eastman Chemical; Christopher Wieczorek, FM Global; Corinne Post, Lehigh University, (SME): Alan Fusfeld, The Fusfeld Group (SME)