Annual Meeting 2013 - IRI203 Responding to the Future

IRI Diamond Jubilee IRI2038: Responding to the Future: New Research and Technology Management Practices for New Futures

With the Integration phase of IRI2038 complete, IRI members have helped to develop four provocative, yet plausible scenarios of the R&D environment in 2038. Join your colleagues in thinking about how these scenarios may impact the art and science of R&D management 25 years from now. Teams will participate in facilitated "incasting" exercises to explore the scenarios and envision future management best practices. These ideas will be used in the Fall for a massively open online game and at the Futures Summit to understand how IRI can play a role in supporting members as they create their best futures. Participants can expect to develop a deep understanding of the four scenarios, how they may impact their jobs and organizations in the future, and potential best practices to best manage in the future environments.  

Team Members: Ted Farrington, PepsiCo. Advanced Research; Christian Crews, AndSpace Consulting