Annual Meeting 2013 - Supplier Innovation Relationships

IRI Diamond Jubilee
Reinventing Supplier Innovation Relationships
ROR Stage: Gathering data

The purpose of this ROR is to identify practices that allow IRI firms to improve technical relationships with key suppliers and increase the level of supplier innovation delivered to the business. Attendees will explore how IRI firms structure supplier relationships and identify:
• Leverage points and barriers to building effective supplier innovation relationships
• The definition of commodity versus innovation
• The functional group that takes the lead role and how that lead role changes over the course of the relationship
• Best-in-class metrics/rating systems for supplier innovation
• The role of conflicting metrics and their impact on internal alignment (e.g., measuring R&D versus procurement) and alignment with the supplier. 
• Methods leading IRI firms use to:
o achieve internal alignment among key functional groups and the supplier
o describe customer needs to suppliers
o identify innovation in the supplier’s supplier
Attendees should expect a very interactive session. Please come prepared to share your firm’s experience with supplier innovation.

Team Members: Kimberly Williams, PepsiCo (Co-Chair); Brian Skerry, Sherwin-Williams (Co-chair); Karen Milley, J. M. Smucker; Surendra Chawla, Goodyear; Kent Crawford, Schneider Electric; Jorge Pena, Schneider Electric; Sridhar Ranganathan, Kimberly Clark; Ron Dressler, Hershey; Sue Burek, Ingersoll Rand; Jeff Hynds, Ingersoll Rand; Gene Slowinski, Rutgers University (SME)