Annual Meeting 2014 - Business Model Innovation from Venture Capital

Business Model Innovation from Venture Capital Firms & Incubators
Howard Morgan, PhD, Partner, First Round Capital

Venture capital has traditionally been used to fund efforts independent of large companies. They have started new industries that often disrupt existing businesses. We will discuss what we at First Round Capital and Idealab look for in creating new independent ventures.

Recently, we and other venture firms have been partnering with larger companies to speed time to market, and to provide acquisition candidates. For example, Quirky’s partnership with GE, and the recent acquisition of Climate Corp by Monsanto are examples where the venture world was starting to disrupt, and the corporate world took notice early.

We will describe some of the best practices for partnering with venture backed companies and venture capital firms. These may include captive funds, but more importantly, include points of contact that can help new ventures navigate the larger company structures without undue effort.