Annual Meeting 2014 - How the Web can Change Your Business Model

How can the Web Fundamentally Change Your Industry Business Model?

Tony Singarayar, Founding Partner, Analogy Growth Partners, LLC
John Aceti, Vice President, Analogy Growth Partners

Everyone understands a business model until you try to explain one. The job is made harder by a strong new wave of business model innovation driven by new concepts and approaches including Digital Technologies, Social Media, Users as workers, Big Data, Making money by giving away your product Free, and Web 2.0 methods. We will look at industry business models that have been transformed by these new concepts and approaches. 
Companies often use trial and error as a standard approach to learn how to use new concepts and approaches.An experiment may comfort the company (“we are trying new things”) but is risky, slow, results in tremendous waste, and delivers more learning to the employees involved than to the organization. And the perceived risk and cost makes senior management reluctant to commit enough resources to maximize the value of these powerful new methods. Is there a better approach? 
This workshop demystifies several “new age” business model concepts and approaches. We extract the essential new Value AcceleratorsTM (new strategies, tactics and assets that directly drive revenues, profits and advantage) enabled by these new concepts and approaches. We will apply some of these proven elements to try to revolutionize a well-established business model and dethrone an industry leader.