Annual Meeting 2014 - Institutionalizing Innovation Competencies

Institutionalizing Innovation Competencies

ROR Stage: wrapping up

Premise: Breakthrough Innovation requires a distinctive management system, including innovation expertise. 
•    Beyond R&D, many responsibilities are required to successfully incubate and commercialize BI. 
•    Historically, people volunteer due to ‘intrinsic motivation’ or are assigned as a rotation on a leadership development path.
•    Not in role long enough to be effective
•    Penalized when projects fail
•    Stalled on promotion path due to long incubation periods
•    Absence of role clarity, career paths.
•    At the Annual Meeting: Final results of a 3 year, 11 company, 180 interview study.
•    Challenges described.
•    Roles defined…participating and supporting.
•    Careers tracked.
•    Prescriptions for improvement offered. 

Team Members: Ted Farrington, Pepsico; Bruce Kirk, Corning; Gina O’Connor, RPI (SME); Lois Peters, RPI (SME)