Annual Meeting 2014 - Using Algorithms to Predict

Using Algorithms to Predict Business Survival or Failure

Thomas Thurston, Chief Investment Officer, Ironstone; CEO, Growth Science 

For nearly a decade a growing number of Fortune 1,000 firms have quietly enjoyed unprecedented gains in their abilities to predict, in advance, when new innovations will survive or fail. They’ve done this by simulating new businesses in virtual environments before real-world bets are made. In other words their business’s first launches, refinements and pivots aren’t happening in the real-world; they’re happening inside a computer. 
This has led to jaw-dropping real-world impact. Just as new products are often simulated in CAD before physical prototypes are built, complex compute-intensive models of businesses in their target markets are now being effectively rendered. Learn more about these breakthroughs from the leading data scientist in the field. Hear about what discoveries have been made, lessons learned, and how new approaches at the intersection of data science, R&D and innovation are driving competitive advantage in ways that have permanently changed the game.