Annual Meeting 2015 - Additive Manufacturing Breakout

Additive Manufacturing

Robert Kirschbaum, Innovation & Strategy Consultant, Sakuragi Consult

Additive Manufacturing (commonly known as 3D Printing) was invented several decades ago. With the cost of hardware declining and consumers demanding more customized goods, 3D Printing is spreading beyond the rapid prototyping area and into various small-scale series applications. A quick overview of the seven Additive Manufacturing technologies will be given.
It is very well possible that within a decade Additive Manufacturing will revolutionize manufacturing value chains.
Drivers for this change range from customer centric design, a reduction in the working capital of spare parts, improved performance by integration of product design, the use of various materials in one part , to better margins or even lower part costs. 
Breakout session participants will be challenged to look into the future and discuss how Additive Manufacturing might affect their business and how focused R&D programs can contribute to the creation of better competitive positions.