Annual Meeting 2015 - Extreme Customer Centricity for Research

Extreme Customer Centricity for Research in Service Organizations: A TCS Approach

K. Ananth Krishnan, Vice President & CTO, TATA Consultancy Service

A service organization has the opportunity to be continually in touch with its customers. Usually the business delivery and sales and marketing units interact with the customer, and sometimes the customer’s customers. Process improvements, defect prevention and innovation of a “derivative” type happen, but the research teams rarely get to hear the customer problems. 

A large enterprise with several lines of businesses also needs an internal renewal. For a global information technology company with 300,000 employees, the internal customer becomes quite important. Efficient and empowered internal customers service the external customer better. 

Research and innovation departments need to understand the nature of the next generation of changes required for both the internal and external customer. How can R&D get a stream of inputs on customer problems and take back innovative solutions to the customer? Innovative solutions often don’t have ‘plug and play” maturity. Several iterations of learning are needed. Who will facilitate this? Who will be an innovation partner and the glue between research and customers? 

TCS has developed a model where a team is carefully chosen and tested for wearing two hats -- the customer’s and the researcher’s. This team establishes several channels of interaction with customers, provides researchers with key insights, and helps in the delivery of Innovation to customers. 

For the organization’s customers (the external customers) TCS Research has developed a set of tools and approaches that can provide predictive analytics, contextual intelligence about the customer, human centric behavior models, supply chain analytics, and customer journeys through design thinking. 

For the internal customers TCS uses a two tier innovation delivery mechanism; an innovation portfolio strategy, and an ideas platform to capture Voice of Customer (VoC). Again, the team works with both the research team and employees. 

Learn more about the TCS framework and tools enabling extreme customer centricity for internal and external customers.