Annual Meeting 2015 - IRI2038: Everything's in Beta

RI2038: Everything's in Beta ROR Stage: exploration and planning

In 2015, we will be taking a deep-dive into the ‘Everything’s in Beta’ scenario from the IRI2038 study and its implications for R&D management.

The scenario: ‘The collapse of the complex global manufacturing ecosystem leads to a bifurcated economy underpinned by local manufacturing. At the low end there is massive churn of new products that are introduced as beta products with little market research. On the other stand premium products that are socially reputable and deploy R&D resources towards tackling the big challenges of the 21st century.’

At this session, we will discuss what should be accomplished in this deep dive and plan for an ‘open summit of knowledge sharing’ to be held at the Annual Meeting, April 27 in Seattle. This Seattle summit will be opened up to start-ups, tech companies, students, academics, SMEs, and others, by invitation only, and will consisted of a facilitated session designed to elicit a range of viewpoints on the implications of this scenario. In Fort Lauderdale, we will formulate a plan to maximize the results of the summit. 

Facilitators: Emily Empel, Co-Head, I/C Futures , Idea Couture, Shane Saunderson, Head of Health Devices, Idea Couture