Annual Meeting 2015 - Keynote - Disruptive Technologies

Opening Keynote: Disruptive Technologies in Manufacturing Stephen Hoover, PhD, CEO, PARC, a Xerox Company

"Manufacturing 2.0" is a radical shift already underway, and many key elements are taking shape. As technologies and business models evolve, we have an opportunity in the US to create and own the future of manufacturing. That means the opportunity for a resurgence of US manufacturing, creating big changes in the economy and revitalizing US cities across the country. 

Dr. Stephen Hoover addresses three trends that will transform the manufacturing industry:  1.    Additive manufacturing as the tip of the iceberg in how products will be built 2.    New software modeling tools that will radically change the design process 3.    How crowd funding will dramatically change the way entrepreneurial manufacturers can access funding resources and alter the way they innovate