Annual Meeting 2015 -Research Universities, Innovation, and Economic Growth

2015 Medalist Address: Research Universities, Innovation, and Economic Growth: Global, National, and Regional Impact
Subra Suresh, ScD, President, Carnegie Mellon University

In today’s global economy, continuous innovation has become a requirement for competitiveness for corporations, regional governments, and nations. In this talk, Subra Suresh, President of Carnegie Mellon University, an institution well known for its regional and global impact through its technological innovation and artistic creativity, will discuss how U.S. research universities, in partnership with industry and government, are becoming active players in innovation ecosystems. With specific examples, he will describe how and why universities are recognizing this as an increasingly important element of their mission. He will also discuss some topics of global-scale research agenda that builds on collaborations among research funding agencies, and among universities, industry labs, and other research performers.