Annual Meeting 2015- Turning Big Data into Opportunity Data Breakout

Turning Big Data into Opportunity Data

How true customer Insights should direct product development
Corrine Sandler, CEO, Fresh Intelligence Research

Corrine will get you close to your customers with global examples and success stories of how Brands use customer insights to truly innovate and understand innate customer needs. This interactive session will allow you to brainstorm and learn about the data you need to fuel your decision making.

Two key takeaways: 
1.Why focusing on share-of-heart will get you share-of-wallet
•    Learn how to determine the emotional engagement of your customers and why this is imperative in R&D today
2. How to apply predictive analytical tools to predict your customer’s future needs and wants

•    Determine the analytics to help you create future product recommendations and build a priority list of accessible customer data to fuel your product development decisions